How to Convert iOS App to Android

Have you ever wondered at an alluring iOS app and thought, “I wish it were present on Android too”? If so, you’re not alone, so that’s good. Converting an iOS app to Android can be a very challenging job, but don’t worry. We are here to simplify the process for you. 

Statcounter states, the android market is 73% whereas iOS has 26.42%. So now you are well versed about the market size and demand of android apps, you should now think of porting iOS to android. In this article, we will take you through the stages to convert iOS app to Android without putting you in technical jargon.

So, if you are a developer or an entrepreneur who wants to transform an iOS app into Android, you should read this article to the end. 

Let’s begin. 

Why Convert iOS App to Android?

Reasons to convert iOS app to Android are given below:

  • Increase your Reach:  Android phones are more widely used, and you may be missing out on many users who could become potential customers.
  • Android App Monetization Options: Do not think you can’t monetize the app. There are many options to monetize it. Recent statistics show that even the global app revenue is $ 52 billion. According to a recent statistics report, app revenues are expected to grow to $100 billion in 2020.
  • An Opportunity to Take Over Consumer Markets : As we all know, Android OS is responsible for over 80% market share of mobile OS versions. If you only have iOS applications, you will lose out on a significant percentage of your potential customers.
  • Additional Features: When converting an iOS app to Android (Android), you may also want to consider the additional options Google ads.

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Things to Acknowledge While Transforming iOS App to Android

You must be prepared for a lot of work, administration, and oversight to successfully convert Android apps to iOS. Before beginning the process to convert iOS App to Android, examine the following key factors.

  • Design specificities

Two different app environments behave in different ways, and the metric differences you need to be aware of. Remember to take into account the different screen resolutions and icon sizes. Also, don’t neglect the 48DP rule that dominates UI design. Apple’s fonts, icons and sizes are measured using points (pt), not pixels.

  • Application architecture

You must know which OS versions your app is compatible with to set the right version limit. Then, you should consider the differences and particularities of both operating systems. Certain app platform characteristics could require adding new features to an app.

  • Tools and libraries

It is important to consider code-specificities when converting iPhone apps to Android. In addition, when you hire dedicated developers, ask them to check compatibility with tools and libraries. In the best-case scenario, the app would be rewritten with other programming languages.

Challenges to Convert iOS App to Android

Now that you know what you need to consider while converting an iOS app to Android, you should check out its major challenges. 

  • Screen Size and Resolution

Creating an Android app with an iOS interface is the most common and difficult challenge developers face when converting OS. One of the biggest challenges developers face when they convert iOS apps to Android is the variety of screen sizes available. Every gadget has a different screen dimension and resolution. Apple devices come with a fixed resolution screen, while hundreds can make Android devices for companies. 

  • Libraries and Framework 

Third-party libraries allow developers to easily modify templates, add visuals and rules, communicate protocol and more. To convert an iOS application to an Android app, you must first determine which frameworks or libraries are compatible with both operating systems.

  • Navigation

Every operating system has a unique design and feel. Android UI elements such as buttons, toggles and tabs are square in shape, whereas iOS UI features a rounder appearance with smoother edges. It is crucial to make sure customers are able to get around the app’s numerous elements. 

  • Different Architecture

Updates to Android and iOS are released almost annually. It’s possible that features included in one edition won’t be included in an upgraded version. Also, it isn’t easy to make your app work seamlessly on the most popular versions of operating systems.

  • Migration of the code

Android developers use Java and Kotlin, while iOS developers use Objective-C/Swift. Each programming language has a different syntax. It isn’t easy to convert from one programming language to another. The time needed to build and create the same feature can vary between platforms. Android and iOS developers cooperate to make high-quality applications.

How to Convert an iOS App to Android?

Now that you have come so far and got to know the challenges of converting it, we will now jump right through the section to convert an iOS app to Android. 

  1. Build an Analysis and a Plan

To make and analyze a plan for your iOS app, you will need to know its features and design. The process and other elements are equally important to be aware of. Think about potential errors and issues that might arise and decide what has to be performed to address them.

You can optimize or consider the Android app. The compatibility of the back-end, app porting, tools and frameworks, and the individualities in the app transfer process, must be carefully examined.

  1. Measure and Execute the Plan 

Now you should identify all the technical issues you may encounter with the code and libraries. Select the correct tech stack so that app porting is accurate and takes less time. You can then begin the mobile app development process.

App development or creating an app depends on the type you wish to convert. For instance, creating a single Android application is typically quite comparable to porting iOS apps to Android or from one platform to another.

  1. Testing and Final Release of the App 

Quality assurance is important for converting iOS into Android or Android to iOS. For testing, you can use real Android devices or emulator tools depending on the practices followed by the dedicated development team hired for the conversion. However, beta testing is another option. Once you approve the app, submit it to the Play Store. Then, start marketing the app.

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How Much Does it Cost to Convert iOS App to Android?

The cost to convert iOS app to Android depends on multiple variables and the required tech stack. For instance, application types, features and functionality, app complexity, coding and testing etc. However, porting an iOS app to Android has no fixed cost. So it is suggested to consult with a reputed android app development service provider like Adsum Software, who can give an accurate estimate of iOS app development cost while converting it to android.

How Does Adsum Software Assist in Converting iOS App to Android?

Adsum Software is a reputed mobile app development firm that facilitates expert assistance in converting iOS app to Android. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in both platforms, we offer a seamless transition by leveraging cross-platform technologies and frameworks. 

Our seasoned and qualified developers analyze the iOS app’s functionalities and UI/UX, ensuring a smooth migration to Android while maintaining the application’s essential attributes and user experience.

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You should have a well-thought-out plan before converting an iOS application to an Android variant. You need an organized process to create an outcome that is essentially an exact copy of its preceding form. Working with a reputable iOS app development company can help you get the esteem, convenience, performance, and visibility you desire.

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