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Connect with the best healthcare app development company to let users enjoy good health in the comforts of their homes with an advanced healthcare application. Our developers make medical assistance available to your customers with just a few taps.

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Healthcare App Development Solutions that Fit All Sizes

Hire Healthcare Mobile App Developers for Single Owners, Wholesalers, Aggregators

Healthcare app development services with cutting-edge technology to offer applications for a better and healthier tomorrow.
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    User friendly interface
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    Responsive design
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    Customized plan and solutions
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    Customize shopping cart
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    Customize admin panel
  • Healthcare App Solutions
    Secure payment options

Advanced Healthcare Made Personal with Mobile App

Changing how the world takes care of itself by developing customized healthcare apps for medical practitioners, healthcare institutes, and patients.

Partner with us for custom healthcare app development services and get a one-stop solution for all medical assistance. From medicine delivery to telehealth, to doctor on demand, connect with the experts who can help you build aggregator applications or single-use applications making it easier for your audience to connect with all. The mobile app development team associated with us helps you gain customer and maximize your returns on investments. We have helped various global clients build strong presence in the market and earn a loyal customer base.

Healthcare App Solutions

Types of Healthcare Applications Our mHealth App Developers Can Build

Get Custom Healthcare Mobile Apps for Single Owners, Wholesalers, Aggregators, etc.
Healthcare App Solutions

Fitness Tracking App

The world is running after fitness. Our experts can build fitness-tracking mobile applications that can help users be fit and stand strong without many troubles.

Healthcare Start-up

Nutrition and Dietician App

As more and more people are looking forward to getting fit and eating healthy, the demand for nutrition and dietician app is rising exponentially. Our healthcare app development services help enter the market with profitable solutions.

Standalone Stores

Weight Management App

Weight management applications have gained popularity in recent times as people get credible solutions to lose or gain weight with little changes amid their busy schedules.

Standalone Stores

Medicine Delivery App

Let your users get their medicines at their doorstep. Our healthcare app development company offers medical delivery applications that deliver medicines in less than an hour.

Standalone Stores

Doctor Appointment App

Now skip the troubles of waiting to take a doctor’s appointment before meeting them and discussing your problems with an on-demand doctor appointment booking application.

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Lab Information Management System App

The patients and doctors can access the lab reports of the patient and the next test time and date via a simple Lab Informations Management System App.

Standalone Stores

ePrescription App

Let users check and store their prescriptions and get new ones without the troubles of joining long queues in hospitals or pharmacies.

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Trends in Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Get Custom Healthcare Mobile Apps for Single Owners, Wholesalers, Aggregators, etc.

Thanks to technological advancements, the healthcare sector is evolving at a breakneck pace, much like most other industries. Our healthcare mobile app development company integrates trends like IoT, AI, and blockchain with your solutions to help you stand out in the industry. Some of the dominant trends that we include in your solutions are:

  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • AR/VR
  • Voice Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Healthcare App Development Company

Both healthcare organizations and patients have found these technological developments to be of great advantage. Our mhealth app developers build solutions that give a digital description of the patient's symptoms and make it simple for medical practitioners to learn about them.

Healthcare App Solutions

Who Would be Benefitted from Healthcare Mobile App Development?

We develop your Healthcare mobile app with an expert mobile app development team that will harness 100% client satisfaction.


Get in touch with a top healthcare mobile app development company to help users find the right doctor or wait in queues to meet the concerned doctor. With encrypted data sharing, they can get their lab reports, prescriptions, and medical history on their mobile phone.



Our experts believe in developing simple solutions where one can choose the slots to connect with a particular patient. They can access patients’ medical history and other details before suggesting any medicines. Doctors can record prescriptions and check lab reports when they want.



Hire our mhealth app developers to provide a platform that turns out to be the hospital for your target audience. Let it have all the facilities for the patients and doctors to make treatments easy.


Individual Practitioners

You can build a platform for individual practitioners who want to cater to the needs of people independently.


Small Clinics

Help small clinics go popular and serve people nearby who would otherwise not know about them.



Connect with hospitals and build a smartly functional healthcare application that allows hospitals to serve people beyond their geographical boundaries.

Healthcare app Features

The most widely used health applications share certain key characteristics. The following functionalities are a must-have for your medical app development project:

Cost of Custom Healthcare Software Development

Cost efficient Healthcare app development services to help you scale your revenue.

The price of developing a mobile healthcare application depends on a number of variables and varies from project to project. A mobile app typically costs more to design than a website. The project's size and complexity are the only factors that matter.

Additionally, there are several sorts of healthcare applications, such as lab, pharmacy, specialist, patient, and doctor apps. Additionally, different apps need different connectors and functionalities which can significantly change the development expense. Our healthcare mobile app development company helps you enter the market with a strong solution that earns great profits.

Healthcare App Solutions

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Types of Telehealth Applications We can Work on

The process of developing a smartphone app with a focus on healthcare and well-being is known as "healthcare app development." These might improve a person's disease management or even direct wellness enthusiasts toward their objectives.
Healthcare App Solutions

Native App Development

Connect with custom healthcare app development services to build native applications specific to the platform that you choose. You can either have an android or iOS app for your business.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Swift
  • C++
  • Kotlin
Healthcare Start-up

Cross-Platform App Development

Get a mobile application that works on all devices and is compatible with various platforms that make it easier to avail of advanced healthcare services with a click.


  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Cordova
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript

What Makes Us the Best in the Healthcare App Development Services Market?

We offer the best mhealthcare development services to our partners to help them stand out from the crowd and have a competitive edge.
  • Healthcare App Tested Solutions

    Advanced Technology

    We use the latest technology in your healthcare application that helps you be the best in the market and offer futuristic solutions.

  • Healthcare App Streamlined Processes

    Scalable and Flexible Solutions

    We make sure that the product delivered to you can easily be modified with evolving technology and helps you stand the test of time.

  • Healthcare App Highly Scalable

    Easy Navigation

    The UI/UX designers work on the aesthetic and user interface of your application in a way to deliver you nothing less than the best.

  • Healthcare App Fully-Customized Apps

    No Privacy Infringement

    The solutions abide by the security and privacy of the individuals. The data shared is encrypted and the chances for any infringement are negligible.

  • Healthcare App HIPPA Compliance

    HIPPA Compliance

    We affirm that the solutions that are deployed to you adhere to all government compliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a healthcare application?

As we talk about a healthcare application, the cost of development depends on the features and other factors. If you're looking forward to develop an healthcare application then it is essential to get in touch with reliable mobile app Development company for accurate cost estimation.

For easy communication, we try you connect with the project manager who would be the point of contact. If you want to move forward, you can connect with the developers in the team.
Depending on your requirements and the technology used, the app can be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks and if you want something advanced the development may take around 6 to 8 weeks.


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With an expert group of app developers in-house, we are able to build feature rich software solutions tailored to match the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Our services cover all major industries including manufacturing, legal, food & beverages, retail, hospitality, sports, media and entertainment; agribusiness; oil and gas; logistics; education; tourism.

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  • Client Reviews

    The delivery of our project was timely and hassle-free. Adsum paid attention to detail and perfected each component as per the specially curated plan. We were able to overcome initial drawbacks effectively with strategic innovations.

    William Deng


  • Our web development project with Adsum involved an organizational makeover. The development was completed successfully and, on priority, delivered within stipulated timelines. We were able to remove minor bugs and program a glitch-free solution for our business. The overall performance model has enhanced our IT integration, showing increased customer satisfaction.


    IT Head

  • The app had a responsive and intuitive interface, checking all boxes of the stratified plan. The support team was in contact throughout the journey.


    Co-Founder & CTO

  • As a news media application, we needed attractive front end and well-designed backend development. Adsum did an outstanding job built to withstand heavy traffic and many users at a time.

    Diego Tincher


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