How to Create an Online Marketplace Like Amazon

Amazon was born in Jeff Bezos’s garage in 1994. In 2018, Amazon’s investment capital rose to $1 trillion. This made the company second-most profitable behind Apple. 

However, Amazon has more than 2 million sellers and 300 million active monthly users. Additionally, its net revenue for 2019 reached 280 billion. With its huge popularity and success, various entrepreneurs are astonished and want to create an online marketplace like Amazon.  

So, in this blog, we will uncover the steps to develop a website like Amazon, its features and other necessary aspects that will assist in the website development.

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What is an Online Marketplace Like Amazon?

Amazon is an online marketplace where a number of sellers and businesses sell a range of goods. A vast catalog is available for shoppers to browse and buy items. This includes everything from books and homewares to electronics and clothing. 

These marketplaces have a user-friendly interface, secure payment options and customer reviews that help buyers to make informed decisions. A ready-made marketplace allows sellers to reach out to a wide audience. Amazon is popular for its fast shipping, customer support and convenience. 
So, if you are wondering about investing in eCommerce app development, the Amazon clone is the ideal choice to choose.

Why is it Profitable For Businesses to Invest in an Online Marketplace Like Amazon?

  • With about 2.2 billion monthly visitors as of April 2023, Amazon was the most popular online retailer in the US.
  • Amazon offers shipping to over 100 nations.
  • Over 310 million people use Amazon globally. With so many prospective customers, it’s possible that some of them may find your online business.

How to Create an Online Marketplace Like Amazon

Now that you are well-versed in the market size of Amazon, you are now clear that investment in online marketplace development will be fruitful. We will now discuss the steps to create an online marketplace like Amazon by taking assistance from our Android app development team. 

  • Know Your Potential Audience 

Firstly, we will determine what our client’s main aim in order to launch an ecommerce mobile app development for Amazon. This market study will highlight the main trends, challenges and threats to your business. 

If our client needs to promote only a few items or services, we will choose a vertical marketplace as the best option. A global or horizontal marketplace offers greater exposure because it features a wider range of products to meet the needs of diverse customers.

  •  Choose Domain Name 

After we have determined the products and target customers, we will need to register a domain. We make our client’s domain name simple so people will remember it, by keeping in mind that it should be unique and memorable at the same time.

The next step to create an online marketplace like Amazon is to select the platform that will host marketplace sites, like Amazon. Most users of platforms access them using smartphones or tablets. 

  • Design UI/UX 

Amazon’s UX/UI stacks and technical stacks are what make it a market leader. Our developers and designers will choose the Amazon-like platform’s design and theme carefully to make it look like Amazon. We ensure that colors shouldn’t be very vibrant or subdued. Most importantly, the theme, as well as the design, should compliment the store. 

  • MVP Development 

This is where the most difficult stage begins. This stage includes UI/UX development, the back-end and the front-end of the website. Our dedicated development team will work on MVP development. This process can last from 2 months up to a full year. The duration of this process depends on both the complexity and initial size of a site.          

  • Conduct Thorough Testing 

Now, the app is ready. Our testers will run a QA test to find out if the marketplace website like Amazon, is performing up to par. The results of QA tests will reveal how smoothly admin, buyer, and seller features operate. Testerd can determine whether or not all the payment options are working. A detailed report will be provided about the client’s specific store issues, along with the fixes. 

  • Final Launch 

Launching and marketing the store is the last step in marketplace website creation. We ensure that we choose the best platforms that will help in launching the app. We must be sure while checking that the site is compliant.

Next, the client needs to promote their website. They can do this by using social marketing, influencer marketing, Video marketing or Ad campaigns. Marketing professionals can provide better guidance. All of this will help to boost our client’s eCommerce sales.

Ready to transform your e-commerce game with an Amazon-like online marketplace?

Most Popular Online Marketplace Like Amazon

Now, when you develop an online marketplace like Amazon, you need to know the competitors and their USPs to stand out. So let’s check out the below websites:   

  • Alibaba

Alibaba Corporation, a Chinese eCommerce firm that operates a media platform and payment system, is also a Chinese eCommerce business. The online store is a major player in the Asian Market, with a 70% share of the market in China. However, if you want to develop an ecommerce app like Alibaba for only iOS devices, then you must hire an iOS app development company.     

  • eBay

eBay came into the picture a full year after Amazon. eBay began as an American flea market selling unwanted items. Over time, the website has evolved into a global marketplace, with major brands selling 80% of their products. eBay now owns PayPal, and it has invested in Flipkart – India’s largest e-commerce store. 

  • Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s biggest online marketplace. It sells several brands in a single marketplace. The company is registered in Singapore, as it is against Indian law to sell different brands on the same platform. It is a business model similar to Amazon.

Looking for Online Marketplace Development Like Amazon for Your Ecommerce Business?

Features to Create an Online Marketplace Like Amazon

If you need to create an online marketplace like Amazon, then it is crucial to integrate features into it for app success. With the help of our mobile app development team, you make sure we can conveniently incorporate essential attributes in your app. Let’s now have a look at the different panels: 

Customer Panel

    • User Registration 
    • Users Profile
    • Product Search 
    • Shopping Cart 
    • Push Notification  
    • Payment Gateway
    • Review & Ratings
    • Order Tracking 
    • Customer Support 

    Seller Panel 

    • Product Listing 
    • Vendor Profile 
    • Real-time Chat 
    • Dashboard 
    • Order Management
    • Data Analytics 
    • Inventory Management

    Admin Panel

    • Dashboard 
    • Scalability & Performance 
    • User Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Customer Service
    • Tools & Resources

    Why Choose Adsum Software to Create an Online Marketplace Like Amazon?

    Adsum Software, a reputable website development company, has been providing multiple website and app development website maintenance services to its clients. Our seasoned developers are well-versed in building a bespoke website for multiple vendors that meets their client’s needs.

    If you’d prefer to build on an existing platform, we can guide you in selecting the best one and customizing it to your requirements. Our web development services unravel everything from design and development to payment integration, post-development assistance and support.

    Final Thoughts

    Have you got a great idea that could become the next Amazon success story? Businesses are encouraged to create an online marketplace like Amazon. It’s understandable since a successful marketplace brings in lots of buyers, a high rate of conversion, and great revenue. 

    So, now is the correct time to invest in online marketplace development with the assistance of a website development company, or you can hire e-commerce developers from Adsum Software. They can create an amazing website for your next retail store.

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