To move ahead, form your own project-based team.

With several engagement models in place, we discovered a feature that our 3000* clients took into account when choosing the Perfect Plan. That is, how much control and knowledge they have over the current area of work. Things only became better from here, Hire an Expert and skilled dedicated software development team to work in your time zone. Get to know more by joining us.

Dedicated Development Team

"Dedicated teams or HIRE" is a question that many people ask. In basic terms, the model approach entails selecting and forming your own team to work on your software development project so that you may stay focused on your primary company. You may recruit a single developer to a team of developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, and they can work alone or in collaboration with other teams."

A specialized software development team can have clear insights into the project aim with good cooperation. Upgrade your dedicated team with hire, top-rated skilled developers. The business vision and goals for what your END users should anticipate are stated ahead of time, along with a project management plan - from launch through delivery.

And, based on our 20+ years of expertise, we can assure you that this strategy significantly improves project efficiency, quality, and timeliness.


Our client's internal development procedures, techniques, and culture are followed by a dedicated, tailored, and secure Team Extension model.

Dedicated Development Team Approach
  • It is possible to gain expertise in a certain topic and technology in a short period of time.
  • The entire team is focused only on the client's project.
  • System alignment with a client, as well as flexible and rapid team scalability.
  • It is feasible to switch to a dedicated team or a fixed scope.

What do we provide? Our Hiring Models

Adsum Software provides full-time, part-time, and hourly staffing for specialized development projects to satisfy the demands of any size organization. Examine the engagement models that result in various business demands being met.

  • Full Time

    8 hours/day 5 days/week

  • Part Time

    4 hours/day 5 days/week

  • Hourly Basis

    Starts with 40 hours Pay as you go

Enquiry Request
The Problem, The Target Audience, and The Market

Send us a Request

Get in touch with us and get specific recommendations regarding your project by providing basic knowledge about your project goals like target locations, users, tech stack, and other potential intricacies within 24 hours. Hire an Expert and skilled dedicated software development team to work in your time zone.

Blueprint of the Core

Customized Engagement Strategy

We construct the tech stack and a recruitment plan based on the data gathered, which includes specifics about the technical skills and experience required of your developers.

Coustome Plan
Dedicated Team Interview
Visuals, User Interface, and Experience

Interviews/ Talent Sourcing

Get specialized resumes so you can set up interviews and choose the top individuals. We choose the best resources through talent sourcing and put them through rigorous coding exams after assessing their abilities.

Get things done with ease.

Selection & Onboarding

To protect your project's intellectual property and secret infrastructure, we sign an NDA. When you've decided on a team, the kick-off takes place right away, and the project normally begins within 24-72 hours.

Dedicated Team Onboarding Process
Quality Process
From conception to completion

Quality-driven Reporting

We use platforms like Basecamp, JIRA, and others to exchange daily updates. Weekly review sessions are held to keep track of progress and identify bottlenecks. Regular meetings aid in the evaluation of completed work, as well as the planning and optimization of delivery.

Stay on top of affairs.

The Escalation Procedure

Our escalation procedure is set in stone. Clients should contact the Project Manager first, and if that doesn't work, they can contact the Delivery Head or the Operations Manager for more significant issues.

Dedicated Development Team Payment Process

Execution & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with status of the work and where the hours are consumed

Execution & Reporting
  • Strong internal reporting format and monitoring by supervision
  • Daily summary shared with you and your team for instant tracking
  • Weekly review meeting to see the progress
  • Monthly review session for introspect the work done, plan and optimize the delivery


A wide range of technological services that are integrated with business and design.

Grocery Delivery App Solutions

Adsum Software will help you develop your own grocery delivery mobile app to upscale your online grocery delivery business.

Adsum Software

Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Globally, medical facilities are becoming more expensive, and demand for digital solutions is skyrocketing.

Adsum Software

E-Learning App Development

E-learning app development and cost How the pandemic has affected the educational system for the better in 2022

Adsum Software

Pregnancy Tracker App Solutions

Using the Baby Pregnancy Tracker App, you can experience the bliss of motherhood.

Adsum Software

Industry we serve

With an expert group of app developers in-house, we are able to build feature rich software solutions tailored to match the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Our services cover all major industries including manufacturing, legal, food & beverages, retail, hospitality, sports, media and entertainment; agribusiness; oil and gas; logistics; education; tourism.

/ Testimonial/ Our performance their words!

Come let’s witness their words of appreciation about our work, offerings, and upshots.

  • Client Reviews

    The delivery of our project was timely and hassle-free. Adsum paid attention to detail and perfected each component as per the specially curated plan. We were able to overcome initial drawbacks effectively with strategic innovations.

    William Deng


  • Our web development project with Adsum involved an organizational makeover. The development was completed successfully and, on priority, delivered within stipulated timelines. We were able to remove minor bugs and program a glitch-free solution for our business. The overall performance model has enhanced our IT integration, showing increased customer satisfaction.


    IT Head

  • The app had a responsive and intuitive interface, checking all boxes of the stratified plan. The support team was in contact throughout the journey.


    Co-Founder & CTO

  • As a news media application, we needed attractive front end and well-designed backend development. Adsum did an outstanding job built to withstand heavy traffic and many users at a time.

    Diego Tincher


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