iOS App Development Cost – Cost to Develop iOS App in 2023

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Are you seeking the cost of developing an iPhone app for your project? Then you have reached the appropriate spot. As we all know, iPhone applications are gaining a proportion in the market with the rising popularity of iPhone mobiles and their users. Apple continues to stun its customers with its pouring security and superior quality.

Due to the immense popularity of iOS apps, countless businesses plan to grab this fruitful opportunity to expand their business. Are you also among them? Then you must first know the iOS App Development Cost in 2023. 

This guide will explore the cost of building an iOS app along with factors and other necessary aspects. So without further ado, let’s start the article.

Market Insights of iOS Applications

  • According to Statista, in March 2023, Apple App Store had released 31.5 thousand new mobile apps. This is a two percent increase compared to last month.
  • According to Business of apps, the domination of  games on the Apple App Store make up 21.06 % of its total downloads.
  • The second and third most requested categories are Business and Education
  • Apple App Store features 1,661,597 applications that are available for free. The remaining 93,721 must be paid for.
  • The Apple App Store is releasing an average 1,193 new applications per day.
  • iOS will be responsible for 77% (or $17.1 billion) of the subscription revenue in 2022.
  • Tinder, a dating app for iPhones, was the world’s top-grossing iPhone application in September of 2022. The app generated 37.6 Million U.S. dollars.

How Businesses can be Benefited from iOS App Development?

Now that you know the market stats of iOS apps, you can see how significant those figures are. So, let’s see how businesses get benefitted from iOS app development. 

Higher paying clients 

iOS users are willing to pay more for an app despite Android having a 75% market share. This is due to Android’s open-source history. The average iOS app development cost in the market is $2.01. This makes it a very popular platform with paying clients. This can benefit businesses with higher ROI.


iOS has been the top choice for business apps because of its flawless software, perfect hardware, and outstanding customer service. Apple has become the most popular brand in the world of electronics. iOS apps run smoothly on iPhone devices.  

This provides a good user experience, increasing the level of engagement between the apps and their users. Moreover, iOS apps are a great way to make users happy, so businesses should satisfy their customers for better user engagement. 


Android app development doesn’t generate much revenue for startups. It only represents less than 10% in terms of total costs. iOS apps, on the other hand, can make a business more money by generating higher revenue and increasing ROI. Also, scalable iOS apps can help a company expand its reach.

Less Development Time

iOS development costs less, is simpler, and is faster than other operating systems. Also, the iOS code is easier and faster to write. Moreover, iOS development requires significantly less time compared to Android app development. This is true even when all development settings are the same. Android apps must be tested in different settings and on various devices. As a result, the time saved in the development stage can greatly benefit entrepreneurs.

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Factors Influencing the iOS App Development Cost

The cost estimation of an iOS app development depends on numerous variables. However, determining the cost can be complex, but getting assistance from an iOS app development company can be fruitful. Let’s see how these factors influence the iOS app development cost.

  • App complexity

The complexity of the app greatly influences the iOS app development cost. If your app is simple with basic features, it will generally cost less than a complex app with advanced functionalities and custom designs. The more intricate and sophisticated the app’s requirements, the more time and effort it will take to develop, test, and refine. This increased development effort directly translates into higher costs for building the app.

  • Alluring user interface

To estimate your iOS app, you need to know the complexity. It depends on the exact specifications. For example, how many screens your app will have and whether you go with a native or custom design are all factors. The design of an application is crucial. 

If you’re choosing a user experience for your app, there are a few options. UI/UX  element or template native to iOS can be used. There are libraries of solutions, patterns, and templates where you can select what you want. It requires that each element has a different architecture.

  • Features & Functionality

The app’s features and structure will determine whether it’s a basic, medium, or large app. Examples of large applications include those available on multiple platforms with many features. Apps with basic features are described as simple apps. The number and complexity of features in an app are one of the largest cost generators. To calculate the cost of developing an iPhone app, you should work out its complexity.

  • iOS development team Size

The development size of the iOS team affects the price of developing iOS. It is important to have roles such as QA and mobile app engineers. If you’re using an -outsourcing agency for app development, a Business Analyst and Project Manager may be needed to plan and execute the project.

  • App launch

It is important to launch your iOS app successfully in the App Store. But you can’t do it. Apps only get selected on the App Store if they follow all guidelines. This is the primary reason Publishing apps on the AppStore is difficult.

  • Development team’s location

Location is also important. The app creation cost varies according to each region’s hourly rate. North America is very costly. Eastern Europeans and UK developers charge between $40 to $70 an hour. The highest app development cost in Canada is around $42.97/hrs. Hourly price range should not be the only factor to consider when determining dedicated development team compensation. Their pace is also important. The hourly rate of a developer might be low, but his overall cost is higher because the work takes longer. 

Apart from the above factors, there are some hidden costs that may also affect the overall iOS app maintenance cost.  

  • Monitoring
  • Hosting
  • App updates
  • Their party API subscription charge 
  • License 
  • Architecture

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App?

The cost to develop an iOS app is not always the same. It changes with time and factors affecting that we have already explained in the section above. However, we have broken down the developer’s rate from different locations on an hourly basis.

LocationDevelopers Hourly Rate

It can take time to determine the actual iOS app development cost. Depending on the location and dedicated developers’ hourly rate, you may get the idea of cost estimation. Moreover, it would be best to consult an iOS app development service provider for the actual cost of an iPhone app.

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Now you have a clearer understanding of iOS app development cost and its factors. You can now put your idea into reality if you want to get access to some useful and affordable options for a more efficient iOS app development process. It would be best to hire iOS developers from a reputed firm.


How to estimate the cost of iOS app development?

You can estimate the iOS app development cost with the formula given below. 

Total development time * hourly rate = app cost

How can app developers reduce the cost of developing a complex Ios app?

The app developers can lower the cost of mobile apps by developing an MVP, user interface with minimalist design, outsourcing development team, constant troubleshooting, integrating only necessary features, utilizing custom templates etc.

How do different app categories affect the cost of iOS app development?

The cost of developing an iOS app might vary depending on the app category. Complex categories like gaming or augmented reality (AR) apps might need more resources and expertise. Apps in simpler categories like productivity or utility may have cheaper costs.

How do hourly rates of developers in different regions affect the cost of iOS app development?

The hourly rates of developers in different regions impact the iOS app development cost. The higher rates in certain regions can increase the cost of creating the app.

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