Meditation App Development: Develop a Calm-like Meditation App

Do you want to develop a Calm-like meditation app for your fitness venture? If yes, then you should read this blog till the end. The popularity of meditation has surged in today’s hectic environment, creating a huge market for cutting-edge meditation applications. However, with giants such as Calm already ruling paramount, how do you carve out a place for yourself in this serene area? The answer is meditation app development. 

According to a study, the market for mindfulness practices apps will reach $2,633.4 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 30.5% from $533.2 million in 2022. This data is sufficient to satisfy you to invest in mobile apps for healthcare industry.  Thus, this blog will work as a guide which can help to create an alluring and eye-catching medication app that includes features, tech-stack and so on.  

So, let’s begin.

What is a Calm App?

Calm is a meditation app that was created to encourage mental health, concentration, and tranquility. It provides a range of supervised meditations, sleep tales, and relaxing music with the goal of promoting general mental health and relieving stress and anxiety. 

A wide variety of meditation sessions are available for users to select from, such as ones that address alleviating stress, better sleep, and increased attention. So, if you need to develop a Calm-like medical app for patients, then now is the perfect time to invest.

Why Must You Invest in Meditation App Development?

As you know, the demand for on-demand meditation apps has increased due to huge stress and anxiety among individuals. So, it is essential for businesses to invest in meditation app development. Let’s check out the market stats to showcase the demand.

  • It is anticipated that the meditation apps industry would generate $5.11 billion in revenue by 2024.
  • The predicted value of the worldwide market for applications related to mental health and relaxation in 2022 was over 533 million US dollars. It is anticipated that meditation apps would generate more than 2.6 billion dollars in income from users globally by 2028.
  • The  ARPU of meditation applications was more than $46 in 2022. 
  • In May 2023, Calm surpassed all other meditation apps in terms of income, earning $6 million.  
  • Apps for mental health and meditation over 1.95 million downloads of Calm have been made globally.

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How to Develop a Calm-like Meditation App?

Choosing precisely what to provide users is essential for a successful meditation app development. It’s critical for making sure the client’s app is valuable and distinct. At the moment, the industry is filled with a number of categories of applications for meditation. We, the reputed mobile app development company, can assist you in the process of Calm-like medication app development.  

  • Define your Business Idea  

The idea for your prospects app must be well defined before we begin the process of medication app development. We outline all of the app’s building phases as well as the path that the calm app should take to achieve success. It’s best to choose a goal in advance.       

  • Create an Alluring UI/UX

We will then publish an appealing layout and meticulously select the primary colors for our client’s app when we want to assist users in managing anxiety and stress as well as their psychological wellness. Applications with simple UI/UX designs and soft color schemes include Calm. Yoga applications frequently use colors like delicate pink, purple, and greenish. 

  • Develop MVP

Prior to doing anything else, we must select the platform—Android or iOS. Our dedicated development team makes the app on both systems, if you have the money to do so. Cross-platform development with the latest tech stack is the better option if the client wants to avoid spending funds. Developing a prototype is a wise choice if you intend to evaluate your concept and obtain input from actual users. 

  • Testing of App 

After the MVP process of meditation app development, our testers will do testing of the app’s functionality in the areas of pace, responsiveness, flexibility, and connectivity with every platform is crucial. Additionally, testing will assist guarantee that there are no serious flaws that cause the app to terminate and that all of its functionalities perform as intended.

  • Final Release 

We will publish the calm app to the iOS or Android app stores whenever our client is happy with how it works. However, it’s rarely as simple as one may think to launch an app on Google Play and the App Store. We must likewise conform to Google and Apple’s developer rules, but also match the revenue strategy to their specifications. Also, we provide app maintenance services to our clients for better user engagement and success of their apps.

Technology Stack for Meditation App Development

Now you know the process to develop a Calm-like meditation app, it is crucial to have an understanding of the technology stack. It will help in the whole process of creating a meditation app. So, our developers have mentioned below the essential tech stack that can be used in mobile app for healthcare.

Front-end technologies:

  • For a better user interface, we use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • React Native, Angular, or Vue.js for building the mobile app
  • Bootstrap, Material-UI for styling

Back-end technologies:

  • Node.js and Express.js for the server-side logic
  • MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL for the database
  • AWS, Firebase, or Azure for hosting and deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Mobile App technologies:

  • Android, iOS, Cross-platform like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Xamarin.
  • NoSQL for the database
  • Apple Store and Google Play Store for deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Additional technologies

  • Database technology: MongoDB or MySQL
  • Payment gateway integration: Stripe, Paypal, or another payment gateway
  • Push notification: Firebase Cloud Messaging 
  • Maps Integration: Google Maps
  • Cloud Platform: AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Authentication and Authorization: JWT, OAuth, or other authentication

Key Features for Meditation App Development

To make certain that a meditation app fulfills the demands of users looking for concentration, relaxation, and general well-being, lots of thought must go into its development. So, it is necessary to have a knowledge of features to develop a Calm-like meditation app. Below are some features on different panels that might help your meditation app stand out recommended by a custom healthcare app development company like us. 

Customer Panel 

  • Social Sign-up 
  • Sleep stories for relaxation
  • Push notifications
  • Meditation Exercise Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Meditation reminders
  • Offline Mode
  • Sleep Aid 
  • Track progress 
  • Favorite meditation tracks and sessions

Admin Panel 

  • User Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Payment and Subscription Management
  • User Support
  • Security and Compliance
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Integration with Other Systems

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How to Monetize your Meditation App?

Selecting the right technology platform for your next meditative app may save expenses and accelerate development. However, finding out which one is good for what you are selling is difficult. So, let’s check out this blog to know the monetization method for meditation app development.

  • Pay per download 

For these types of meditation applications, this is not a common revenue method. However, certain apps still utilize it. So, if you want to gain access, our marketing team can assist in fulfilling all the formalities and buy it from the App Store or PlayStore. However, each download often carries a charge ranging from 25% to 30% of the app’s price. Also, this revenue strategy is not favorable for new businesses. If users are unaware of your brand or the quality of your material, they won’t pay for installing your app. 

  • Subscription Model 

For the most part, these programmes follow this monetization approach. Users are given access to a no cost, a 7 day trial duration for the application upon installation. After the application’s trial term expires, users have the option to upgrade to a more sophisticated model or pay an annual fee to keep accessing the app.

The most widely used form of revenue for mobile apps like Calm is a subscription service. It benefits app developers as well as users. For the former, subscriptions entail a steady stream of money, and for the latter, instant access to a wide variety of content. 

  • Freemius Model 

Give out a limited number of meditation classes and a rudimentary version of your app for free. You can use a premium membership package that grants access to cutting-edge features, exclusive material, and customized meditation regimens. It highlights the extra features and exclusive perks that premium members receive to entice customers to upgrade. 

  • In-app Purchase 

Identical to what people achieve in online bookshops or media libraries, users pay through in-app payments to download content or listen to a tune. This approach may be successful, but it will require precise pricing calculations and a sizable content collection. However, it’s possible that some individuals might only purchase a few songs and play them nonstop.

  • In-app Advertising 

If you have a significant user base for your mindfulness app, you should think about adding in-app ads. Companies who want to place advertisements on your platform may pay you. Meditation applications are a good fit for in-app advertising strategies including banner or interstitial adverts. Finding an appropriate ratio for the frequency of the ads is crucial, though, to avoid interfering with consumers’ travels.

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