BigCommerce App Development – How to Build BigCommerce App in 2023

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BigCommerce app development is a solution that is getting more and more popular with companies trying to broaden their consumer base and reach. With the rise of mobile commerce, BigCommerce apps are becoming a must-have for any business that wants to stay competitive in the market.  

However, it provides a powerful platform for firms to build their applications. With its robust APIs and SDKs, developers can create feature-rich apps with custom integrations and functionalities. In this article, we will discuss how businesses can develop BigCommerce apps in 2023 and how they can benefit from them. We will also discuss the essential features and other aspects. 

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What is a BigCommerce App?

BigCommerce apps are an application that is designed to work with BigCommerce, an ecommerce mobile platform used by businesses online to sell their products and services. These apps provide extra features and functionality that help companies manage and expand their online stores. A BigCommerce app could include features for managing inventory, advertising and marketing, payment and shipping options, analytics, and reporting.

Market stats of BigCommerce

Current market stats are the most crucial part as it helps in knowing the market when you start mobile app development. So let’s have a glance:

  • According to tooltester, there were only 10,000 user stores using BigCommerce in 2010. In 2022, there were 60,000 of them, with the top five countries comprising the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, and India.
  • On the BigCommerce platform, which has somewhat fewer than 50,000 live stores, countless additional shops are launched annually:
    • 2019 saw the addition of 5,072 new stores.
    • There were 5,228 new stores opened in 2020.
    • 4,831 additional stores opened in 2021.
    • 5 144 new retail establishments have been incorporated as of 2022.

  • According to store proprietors on the website in 2022, the majority of widely utilized applications are:
    • The reCAPTCHA application from Google is utilized by 57.5% of BigCommerce stores.
    • 34.6 percent of BigCommerce shops utilize Facebook Pixel. 
    • 31 percent of BigCommerce stores utilize Google Analytics.

  • In the overall market for development tools, BigCommerce holds a share of the pie of 1.01%.
  • 80% or more of BigCommerce’s income is generated by clients that sign yearly contracts for $2,000 or above.

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Examples of BigCommerce Apps

Now that you are familiar with the market segment of BigCommerce, it is time to learn about the examples of BigCommerce apps.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an app that must be integrated with BigCommerce to sync customer data and send targeted email campaigns. With the help of this app, you may remotely manage your attempts at email advertising by setting up emails that are initiated in response to particular consumer actions or behaviors.

  • ShipStation

The ShipStation app simplifies shipping for BigCommerce store owners by automating various aspects of order fulfillment such as label creation and tracking updates. It integrates with multiple carriers and marketplaces, allowing you to streamline your shipping process and save time while providing your customers with accurate and timely shipping information.

  • Yotpo

The Yotpo app for BigCommerce allows you to collect and showcase customer reviews on your store. You can send review requests after purchase and display the reviews on your product pages, improving social proof and increasing trust with potential customers. Yotpo also provides a range of features such as visual marketing tools and loyalty programs to help you boost sales and customer engagement.

  • is a BigCommerce app that enables you to create a loyalty program for your store. Shopify is also an example of such applications. You can reward customers for actions like purchases and social media follows, and provide them with discounts or other perks. It will assist in boosting customer loyalty which directly enhances business sales.

Benefits of BigCommerce App Development

BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform used by thousands of businesses worldwide. So, in order to create BigCommerce App, we will check out the mandatory benefits:

Enhance functionality

BigCommerce app development can enhance the platform’s functionality. Businesses can enhance their online store by developing and integrating apps. These features and tools are not included in the platform. Businesses can create apps to customize products, engage customers, and even manage shipping and logistics.

Increased efficiency

BigCommerce app development helps businesses increase their operational efficiency. Businesses can manage their online stores more efficiently by automating processes or integrating third-party tools. Businesses can, for example, develop apps that are integrated with their inventory system.

Improved customer experience

BigCommerce apps can also improve customer satisfaction. It is vital to know that building an application will boost shopping experience so that customer retention and loyalty can be improved. However, you may build an app which enables users to easily track orders. With this, you can also get customized goods suggestions.

Competitive advantage

BigCommerce can give businesses a competitive edge through app development. Businesses can be distinct from the others by developing innovative and different apps. A business that creates an app that allows customers to customize their products may be able to attract more customers than its competitors who do not have this feature.

Additional revenue streams

BigCommerce app development is an outstanding method to gain additional profit for firms. Businesses can generate extra revenue by developing and selling apps on the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

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Essential Features of BigCommerce App Development

Now that you know the benefits of BigCommerce app development, we must now check out the essential features of it.

  • User Registration: Users can utilize this feature to register for an account and sign-in to the BigCommerce app. It needs to have options for updating profile information and recovering forgotten passwords. 
  • Product Listings: With the option to filter by category, price range, and various other factors, this feature shows things that can be bought. It needs to have detailed descriptions of the goods, as well as prices.
  • Shopping Cart: Users can browse the app and add goods to their cart using this feature. Users should be able to change quantities and delete products, and the item’s price as well as the order’s overall price should be clearly visible.
  • Checkout Process: This feature guides users through the payment and shipping process. It should be easy to navigate, provide multiple payment options, and include shipping and tax calculators.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Through the BigCommerce app, users may safely make payments thanks to this attribute. It should recognize a variety of payment options and guarantee that every transaction is safe. 
  • Order Management: This attribute enables customers to see and follow their items within the BigCommerce app. It must include current information on the order’s progress, shipment details, and distribution schedules.
  • Customer Service:  Users can utilize this feature to get in touch with customer care via the BigCommerce app. Along with a FAQ section, it must offer choices for contact via email, phone, and live chat assistance.
  • Push Notifications: With the help of this feature, consumers may get updates on their orders as well as notification about sales and new items. Users must have the option to modify it and decide what kinds of push notifications they want to receive.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Users can manage to write reviews and ratings on things they have purchased using this feature. It needs to be simple to use, with the option to filter results based on ratings and to offer comments on how well the app is working in general. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: This feature allows app owners to track app usage, sales, and other important metrics. It should provide insights into user behavior and enable owners to make data-driven decisions to improve the app’s performance.

Step for the BigCommerce App Development

In this section, we will get to know how to build BigCommerce apps that are necessary for the development of online stores. So let’s start the development steps:

Research and Plan

The first step is to research the needs and requirements of BigCommerce merchants and plan the features and functionality of your app accordingly. You should look into the existing apps and determine the spaces you’re able to cover. 

Establish development environment

Setting up a development environment is essential for building a BigCommerce app. Install the BigCommerce API and SDKs and set up a local environment for testing and debugging.

UI/UX design 

Now that you have successfully strategized the features and functionality, let’s now design the UI/UX. Use the BigCommerce design guidelines to create a user-friendly and consistent interface. 

Develop the App

Using the BigCommerce API and SDKs, develop the app and test it in the development environment. For that, you should take help from a dedicated development team that are experienced and proficient in that. Make sure the app is compatible with the latest version of BigCommerce and meets the security requirements. 

Test & Submit the App for Review 

To make sure the application is accurate and devoid of bugs, extensively evaluate it. Increase testing efficiency by using technologies that automate. When the application is ready, provide it to the BigCommerce App Marketplace for review. Provide directions and records that are unambiguous for merchants to install and utilize the app.

Final Release 

After the app is approved, launch it in the BigCommerce App Marketplace. Promote your app to attract merchants and provide assistance to assure a coherent customer experience. 


In conclusion, developing a BigCommerce app in 2023 is a great way to provide customers with an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce experience. It can be used to create custom solutions for both small and large businesses, as well as offer unique features that can help increase customer engagement.

Now that you are aware of the BigCommerce app development, it is time that your business should invest in developing it. For improved outcomes, you may take support from an e-commerce app development company like Adsum Software who have years of expertise and facilitate you amazing business solutions.

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