Shopify App Development – How to Develop Shopify App

As reported in Truelist, 80% of Shopify merchants use third-party apps to improve their business. For that, they approach the industry’s leading shopify app development companies.  

You’re at the right place if you also seek someone who provides Shopify app development solutions for your business.

So, let’s dive in.

What do newbies need to understand about Shopify app development?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform with an excellent user interface that helps business newbies create a digital store and sell on various platforms such as – social media, seller marketplaces, and through websites, email, chat, and texts.

Shopify has features like product sourcing, sales, and inventory tracking, payment processing, shipping, conducting marketing campaigns, customer accounts, reporting, applying, and customizing themes.

Even after all these features and functionalities, merchants need more than that. This is when custom shopify app development comes into the scene.

According to the prediction of Insider Intelligence, m-commerce sales will hit $534.18 billion, or 40.4% of e-commerce sales, in 2024. This prediction shows how Shopify app development gained popularity among business owners.

Shopify App Development Types

Public apps

This type of shopify app is for developers who want to disburse their apps to many merchants. Every approved Shopify process got a profile page on the Shopify App Store. Listed and Unlisted are two types of available apps.

Custom app

The purpose of custom apps is to build a personalized app for a specific merchant. This app can be installed on a single Shopify store, and doesn’t need to follow any approval process. 

Private apps

The requirement that wasn’t fulfilled by a custom app can be done by Private apps for a specific merchant. 

Draft apps

During the shopify app development process, this app is drafted by Shopify partners, and installed on development stores for testing purposes.

Shopify Features that are beneficial for businesses

Shopify Features that are beneficial for businesses

  • Easy to use and set up: We built a Shopify app that is easy to use and has a straightforward interface with logically structured features. 
  • Say No to tech hassles: We provide complete setup and operation of the Shopify app with technically advanced integration to minimize your tech worries. 
  • Secure and reliable: We build apps for Shopify stores that are secure and reliable even though they deal with massive data and personal and billing information like credit card details.
  • Mobile responsive themes: We provide mobile responsive themes for our Shopify apps.
  • Completely Automated: For the ease of our users, we created an automated platform that can be set up in just a few minutes and needs almost zero maintenance.
  • 24/7 Live Support: We extend unmatchable round-the-clock services through chat, email, and support calls. 
  • Schema Management: we developed a Shopify app that takes care of complicated tasks like schema management smoothly. 
  • Live Monitoring: We allow you to monitor the data flow so you can check the status of your data at a specific time.

Benefits of Shopify App Development You’ll Get from Adsum Software

  • Solve your main problem:  We carefully and patiently listen to our clients and figure out their main problem, and then we will solve it with the help of our custom Shopify app development solution.
  • High scalability: With our custom Shopify app development solution, we provide high scalability to our clients. We add a few more features and integrations if they need to add them too. 
  • Priority support: Adsum Software always prioritizes its support for custom apps in a timely and effective manner.
  • 100% customizable: We provide 100% customizable solutions to client businesses as per their requirement, from design to functionality. 
  • Better performance: We used an advanced tech stack, integrations, and approach to provide top-notch performance.

Shopify App Development Process

Our Shopify app development solution effortlessly combines Shopify apps with online stores to enhance user experience and UI. 

1. Tools and resources

We use technically advanced programming languages and frameworks for Shopify app development. We use several tools, documentation, and resources to help our clients create apps.

2. Shopify App Development Process

To develop a Shopify app, we usually follow:

  • We enable the connection between app and Shopify.
  • To create UI, we use Polaris.
  • We access and customize APIs.
  • We implement the payment API.
  • We record and respond to events.

After that, we will check the security of the programs and data before the app’s release. 

3. After the launch of the app, our developers do the following actions:

  • To ensure security we manage open ports.
  • Implement site-to-site scripting to protect from attack.
  • Injection of SQL.
  • Extent protection against Direct object references (IDOR).
  • Secure from website cookies.
  • Consistently review and update the cloud storage access controls.
  • Monitor your DNS records constantly.
  • To prevent from unauthorized access validate and check requests.

4. The Submission & Review

Once the client examines and confirms the Shopify app, then it moves to submit for approval. After submission, the review committee of Shopify will support whether the app meets all the norms. Once the Shopify review committee approves the app regarding core functionality, authentication, and billing API, it is ready to go.

Which programming languages are used for Shopify App Development?

The performance of any app is ensured by using the appropriate programming language, as with Shopify app development. 

The most prominent technologies that we used in building the Shopify app include the following –

  • Front-end frameworks: React JS, Angular or Vue.js
  • Backend technologies: Node.js, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails and more.
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB
  • Mobile App: Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Ionic and more.

What is the estimated cost of creating a Shopify app?

Our cost for Shopify app development may vary. The app’s development cost depends on our developers’ experience level, the technology they use, and their location. The price also depends on the app’s complexity, features, the total time spent in the development process, and the maintenance cost of the app.

Why Choose Adsum Software for Shopify Custom App Development

Customers choose us as their Shopify app development partner because of our mantra for creating any app clearly and transparently. It is essential for the growth of the business, and so the same goes for our Shopify app development projects.

  • Lead Off

To understand the requirements of the business clearly, we fix a meeting with a client to get business needs clear. Through this conversation, we got the answer to many questions, and similarly, our client also got to know about us and our working process. 

  • Discovery

After understanding the client’s requirements, we research the client’s business, their competitors, and their industry. We gather all the information of the project and discover the client’s store functionalities.

  • Planning and Prototyping

Once we gather all the details, we present a project plan and a prototype to a client so that after the discussion, they know exactly where we’re heading and what the result will be. 

  • Design and Development

We’ll create a blueprint for building all its features, from scratch, to the development, as discussed.

  • Testing

As soon as the Shopify app development has been finished, we test it to ensure it works accurately or not. 

  • Launch and Measure

Once everything’s ready, we’ll guide our customers about the app’s working.


Undoubtedly, Shopify provides an unmatchable performance and ensures high uptime. But if you’re thinking of building a Shopify app on your own, remember it is not a child’s game. It requires assistance from Shopify app development companies like us.

Throughout the years, we have successfully built apps for Shopify stores. So, if you also want our custom Shopify app development solutions, we are open to discussing your business and the technology.

Reach out to Adsum Software to transform your ideas into a functional mobile app.


Does Adsum Software offer a support period? What is its duration?

Yes, we offer a support period that starts just after delivering the complete project to the client for a specific period. If any client needs extra assistance for some spare time, you need to pay additional fees and continue enjoying our Shopify app development services.

Can Adsum Software Build a Shopify App for My Store?

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