White Label Rideshare App Development: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re new in the white label taxi service business or the existing one but want to upgrade it in terms of technology, advanced features, or UI/UX, this guide is for you who want to develop a White Label Rideshare App.

We at Adsum Software are constantly developing and enhancing the OnDemand white label taxi app, making it effortless and affordable. Many startups, entrepreneurs, and companies have achieved increased visibility, brand value, and revenue by leveraging our white label ridesharing app.

What is a White-Label Ridesharing App?

White-Label Ridesharing App

White-label rideshare apps are customized, brand-oriented ride-sharing apps that are specifically designed to complement a business’s pitch and presence. Unlike any usual rideshare apps that can be used by anyone. Instead, white-label rideshare apps are dedicated apps that belong to a particular business, which can be customized as per their specific branding requirements.

We develop a white-label rideshare apps that allow businesses to create a unique and stand-out proposition that sets them apart from their competitors. Since the app is fully customizable, businesses can create a ride-sharing app with their own brand logo and colors, providing a consistent and smooth user experience across all channels.

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Benefits You Get From Our White-Label Ride-Sharing App Development

White-Label Ride-Sharing App Development

Through our white-label ride-sharing app development solution, we offer several benefits that include:

  • Quick and cost-effective deployment

Building a ride-sharing app from scratch can be a time-consuming and expensive process. But with our white label taxi app development solution, we help businesses to launch their own branded ride-sharing service quickly and cost-effectively without investing in building the technology from scratch.

  • Customization

We customized the White Label Rideshare App for companies based on branding and specific business needs. We customized the various features of the app, such as payment methods, pricing models, and service areas, as per the requirement of the business.

  • Brand Visibility

Developing a business app can prove to be an excellent strategy for promoting your business. Launching an app can attract new customers and engage existing ones, making it a great way to expand customer base.

If you run a taxi service, consider us to establish a white label taxi app to enhance your company’s image and visibility. We will help you to grow your business and increase your customer base.

  • Access to advanced features

The white-label ridesharing apps we developed often come with advanced features such as real-time tracking, driver and passenger ratings, and multiple payment options, which can help to enhance the user experience.

  • Greater ROI

If you’re building an app from scratch, it’s difficult to guarantee its reach and visibility. However, with our white label taxi app development solution, you have a greater chance of reaching a larger audience. As a result, you may see a higher return on investment (ROI) for your business.

To ensure the success of your white label taxi app and its promotion, you can rely on us for assistance. With our expertise and support, you can effectively market your app and maximize its potential for your business venture.

  • Scalability

We provide flexibility in the White label ridesharing apps we created so that the app can quickly scale to accommodate a growing number of users and be used to expand into new markets.

Essential Features to Look for in White label Ridesharing Apps for Riders/Passengers

Have a look to the significant features of white label taxi apps for riders and drivers. However, the exact features may vary depending on the app and the needs of the business presented in a tabular format:

User RegistrationAllows riders and drivers to sign up for an account using their email, phone number, or social media account.
Geolocation ServicesEnables the app to detect the user’s location and provide accurate pickup and drop-off locations.
Real-Time TrackingProvides riders and drivers with real-time updates on each other’s location and estimated time of arrival.
In-app MessagingAllows riders and drivers to communicate with each other in-app for updates or changes in plans.
Payment ProcessingAllows riders and drivers to accomplish transactions within the app using secure payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, or payment through wallets.
Driver VerificationEnsures that all drivers are verified and approved before being allowed to accept rides.
Rating and Feedback SystemEnables riders and drivers to rate each other and leave feedback about their ride experience.
Trip HistoryAllows riders and drivers to view their ride history, including the date, time, pickup, drop-off, and fare information.
Navigation AssistanceOffers drivers turn-by-turn navigation to the pickup and drop-off locations.
Peak Pricing NotificationRiders get peak pricing notifications during peak hours or high demand periods.
Driver Earnings ManagementAllows drivers to track their earnings and view a breakdown of each ride’s fare.
Detail of VehicleThe app mandates that driver must provide all the details related to vehicle such as make, model, and license plate number.

We offer cost-effective maintenance support to businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition by adopting new technologies or features. Our pricing is the best in the industry, making it easy for businesses to stay up-to-date without breaking the bank.

Step to Step Guide to creating a white label rideshare app

white label rideshare app

Our White Label Rideshare App Development can be divided into three phases—pre-development, development, and post-launch. Through this guide, we’ll show the perfect process of a car detailing app.

  • Define Your Goals

Our app development process indeed starts with clearly defined measurable goals. That includes – What are the settings a business needs to achieve? What problems is an app trying to solve?

  • Research the market

Once we establish our goals, we ensure that there’s a market need for the developed app by validating it before proceeding further. Creating a uber white label app without market research could result in a valuable waste of your time, money, and resources. That’s why we –

1. Create surveys
2. Conduct interviews
3. Run a focus group
4. Research competition

  • Developing a strategy

In this step, we prepare a strategy for a solution that includes the core functionalities, customizable features like robust security, and scalability for the app.

After preparing a strategy for developing a white label taxi app, our creative team of designers work on designing part by designing a user-friendly interface that provides a seamless experience for your users. In this step, we create wireframes and prototypes to test and refine the design.

  • Software development

Our skilled and experienced app developers come out in this step; we develop the White Label Rideshare App by using the chosen technology stack based on the requirement of the user. We ensure to provide best practices for coding and testing to businesses.

  • Quality Assurance testing

In this step, we thoroughly test the car detailing app to ensure it works as expected. We optimize the app based on user feedback and performance data.

  • Launch of the app

Once we assure on the quality, we launch the rideshare App on the app stores and start its marketing by taking into account the target audience. We use both online and offline marketing channels to reach our target audience.

What is the cost of White Label Rideshare App Development?

The cost of developing a White Label Rideshare App can vary significantly based on multiple factors such as the app’s complexity, necessary features, development platform(s), the location of the development team, and required development time.

However, the cost can also increase if the company choose to hire a development team with specific expertise or if it wants to integrate advanced features like machine learning or artificial intelligence.


The ride-sharing industry is rapidly growing thanks to the power of digitalization, providing excellent opportunities for companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. To fully leverage this trend, having a white label rideshare app that aligns with your brand vision is crucial. 

Adsum Software specializes in launching and expanding ride-sharing businesses. Our multidisciplinary team has hands-on expertise in cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to create innovative applications like Uber white label app. We’ve covered all the crucial factors to ensure a quick and seamless White Label Rideshare App Development process.

If you want to know all the critical factors of a white label taxi booking development app, feel free to contact our experts.

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