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Social media now plays a crucial role in our daily lives by allowing us to interact with individuals and organizations all over the globe. The opportunity for building social media apps has boomed due to the rising popularity of social networking. The user base is expanding rapidly across Instagram and Snapchat, where competition is strong. 

Due to its huge popularity, countless business giants want to invest in social media app development. Are you also among them who wants to grab this opportunity and reach greater heights, then you must read this article. 

However, creating a social media app can be the foundation for achievement in this digital world, but it takes technological know-how, invention, and vision. So let’s explore how to make a social media app by delving into the realm of social networking app development.

What is a Social Media App?

A social media app is an application that users can download and install on their smartphone or another device. It allows users to connect with other people online. With these apps, users can create profiles and share content like photos or videos. Additionally, it can even let users communicate with others through messaging. Some of the popular social media apps are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

Current Market Stats of Social Media App

Current Market Stats of Social Media App

  • According to Statista, with over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook was the first social media platform to exceed one billion registered accounts.
  • On average, internet users spend 144 minutes daily on social networks and messaging apps, a rise of far more than half an hour since 2015.
  • With 547 million downloads, Instagram was the most popular social media app globally in 2022. However, Telegram outperformed the surviving mobile versions of Facebook and Messenger, both owned by Meta.

Why Must Businesses Invest in Social Media App Development?

Social media significantly impacts people’s lives in the modern world. Businesses can utilize it as a potent tool to connect with their target market and market their goods or services. 

Businesses may build a strong online presence, interact with their customers, and maintain an edge over the competition by focusing on social media app development. Social networking apps give a convenient method for companies to engage with current and potential customers, collect feedback, and establish brand loyalty. 

Additionally, these platforms offer useful data analytics capabilities that can help organizations measure user activity, spot trends, and change their tactics accordingly.

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Top 5 Examples of Social Media App

To make a social media app like Instagram, you must first check out some of the social media app’s examples.

Social Media AppsAvailable PlatformsRatingsDownloads
InstagramAndroid | iOS4.01B+
FacebookAndroid | iOS3.35B+
TwitterAndroid | iOS4.01B+
SnapchatAndroid | iOS4.21B+
WhatsAppAndroid | iOS4.35B+

Essential Features To Integrate in Social Media App Development

Essential Features To Integrate in Social Media App Development

Features are the must-have thing in social media app development. So here we have listed essential features you must consider while creating a social media app. 

  • User Profiles

Users should be able to create a profile with their basic information and a profile picture. They should also be able to update their profile with new information.

  • News Feed

It is a must have feature in social media apps to remain updated. Users should be able to see the latest updates and posts from their friends, followed accounts, and groups. 

  • Messaging

Users should be able to communicate with each other through private messaging. This is a crucial feature for social networking apps as it enables users to interact with their friends and build relationships.

  • Social Sharing

Users should be able to share updates, photos, and other content with their friends and followers. This feature encourages engagement and interaction on the app.

  • Notifications

Users should receive notifications for new messages, comments, and likes on their posts. Notifications keep users engaged and informed about what’s happening on the app.

  • Groups and Communities

A social media app should have the ability to create and join groups or communities based on shared interests. This feature helps users find like-minded individuals and create a sense of belonging.

  • Search Functionality

A search bar is essential for any social media app. Users should be able to search for friends, groups, and other content on the app. If you want to include search functionality in your app, then you must consult a dedicated development team

  • Analytics

For businesses using the app, analytics is a critical feature. It provides insights into user behavior and engagement and helps businesses make informed decisions about their marketing and advertising efforts.

  • Advertising

A social media app should allow businesses to run targeted ads to reach their desired audience. This feature helps businesses reach potential customers and increase their brand awareness.

  • Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are essential for any social media app. The app should have measures in place to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. It should also have robust privacy settings to give users control over their data and who can see their posts.

Crucial Steps to Build Social Media App

Crucial Steps to Build Social Media App

Now that you are familiar with the features to integrate into social networking apps, it is time to start creating social media apps. So let’s have a glance at them in detail. 

  • Define the Potential Audience 

The first step in building a social media app is to clearly define the purpose of your app and identify your target audience. It will assist you in knowing what issue your potential app will solve. Additionally, you would also get to know the target audience and features that you want to integrate in your app. 

  • Conduct market research

Research your target audience to understand their needs, preferences, and behavior patterns. Use this information to design a social media app that caters to their needs.

  • Choose the right platform

Decide which platform you want to build your app on- iOS, Android, or both. However, you can conduct SWOT analysis of each platform for better success of your app. It will help you know the exact development cost related to both the platforms. 

  • Develop a wireframe and design

Create a wireframe to map out your app’s features and user flow. Once the wireframe is complete, design the UI/UX of the app, and branding.

  • Hire a development team

Hire a team of experienced developers who specialize in building social media apps. Choose a dedicated development team like Adsum Software that has a good track record of delivering high-quality apps on time and within budget. 

  • Build a minimum viable product (MVP)

Start by building a minimum viable product that includes only the essential features of your app. This will allow you to test your app’s functionality and get user feedback.

  • Test and iterate

Test your app extensively to ensure that it is stable, user-friendly, and meets the needs of your target audience. Use the feedback you receive to improve your app’s features and functionality.

  • Launch and promote your app

Once your app is complete, launch it on the app stores and promote it through various marketing channels. Monitor user engagement and feedback to ensure that your app is successful and meets the needs of your users.

  • Timely Maintenance and Updates

The development steps do not end here. Timely maintenance and updates also plays a crucial part in the success of an app. It includes checking of bugs, updating features etc.

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Technology Stack for Social Media App Development

A typical tech stack for social networking app development includes:

  • Front-end frameworks: React or Vue.js
  • Backend technologies: Node.js or Ruby on Rails
  • Database: MySQL or MongoDB
  • Additional tools: 
    – AWS – hosting
    – Firebase – push notifications
    – GraphQL -API queries

Social Media App Development Cost

The social media app development cost does not remain the same. It keeps on fluctuating depending on numerous factors and technological upgrades. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of making a social media app: 

  • The complexity of the app
  • Platform type
  • Features and functionalities
  • Development team’s location
  • UI/UX design 
  • Testing 
  • Hiring model 
  • Maintenance and updates 

However, it is crucial to take assistance from an experienced mobile app development company like Adsum Software which can provide amazing business solutions.

How Can Adsum Software Assist You with Social Media App Development?

Adsum Software is a leading social media app development company with expertise across all the supreme platforms. We have a team of professionals who have worked in the field of mobile app development and have served clientele across numerous industries with their social media apps. 

We facilitate robust and flexible social media app development solutions at a budget-friendly cost with a minimum time frame. To build a social media app, Adsum Software is always there to provide top-notch business to you.


How Much Time Does it Take to Make a Social Media App?

The time to make a social media app depends on multiple factors. For instance, app complexity, functionalities etc. On average, a basic app takes 3-4 months, while a complex app with advanced features takes 6-7 months. 

What are the methods to monetize an app?

There are multiple methods through which you can monetize your application. For example, in-app purchases, freemium models, in-app advertisements, email marketing etc.

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