Restaurant App Development – Creating a Winning Restaurant App

If you’re a restaurant owner who wants to bring their business to a new level of growth? 

Then this write-up is for you.

According to the report of Digital Market Outlook published by Statista, the online food delivery business from online platforms such as apps to consumers in the United States is expected to be 110.8 million in 2027. 

Due to the popularity of mobile devices in finding out local restaurants, seeking menus, and looking for home delivery of food, restaurant app development has become a hot topic today.

Being a well-known restaurant mobile app development company, we suggest it’s time to switch to creating a restaurant app for your business as an owner.

To achieve something big, we’ll discuss how you should proceed further and make your business more competitive through restaurant app development.

Trends in Restaurant App Development

With the beginning of the online trend in the restaurant industry, every restaurant needs to move with the trend to facilitate their business to remain up-to-the-minute and competitive. 

Trends in Restaurant App Development

Due to this, many leading names in the restaurant industry choose to implement technology into their business to adapt to a new reality. To help restaurant businesses in this, we provide them with a custom restaurant app to improve their internal operations, swift delivery and enhance customer experience.

So, here are some noteworthy trends to stand out the restaurant mobile apps from the competition are:

  • Adding digital channels for ordering 
  • Personalization feature for customers
  • To better understand, service, and experience, use Big Data, AI, and 5G

We redefine your dining experience by developing Restaurant Mobile Apps

Benefits of Creating a Restaurant App

Return on Investment (ROI)’ is well-known to every business person. We help restaurant businesses by creating a restaurant app to achieve high ROI and contribute to the company’s growth through our restaurant app development. 

The restaurant mobile apps developed by us are beneficial for those new to this business and the established ones seeking their marketing and expansion efforts. 

Here are some most prominent benefits that you’ll get by choosing us as your restaurant app development company.

  • Brand Value Addition

We make an app for restaurants that allow consumers to access and locate restaurants in their geolocation and help in order their favorite food from their favorite eatery without any complications. The convenience we give through our app is a valuable addition to the brand because it creates a good impression on consumers for a long time. 

  • Better Customer Experience

Our well-designed restaurant mobile app is integrated with well-written APIs by our skilled restaurant app developer that transitions smoothly—from locating restaurants, selecting food items, placing an order, and quick & secure payments, to tracking orders till they are delivered and developing a refined customer experience.  

  • Enhanced Payment Processing

For any business owner online payment is one of the crucial steps. Still, we make it simple and smooth by integrating the restaurant app with a third-party payment module so customers can pay through the interface from anywhere.

  • Better Response to Bookings

Through our restaurant mobile app development solution, you’ll also get the feasibility of booking a table for a specific slot. The restaurant app can facilitate the user with visible seatings. It gives consumers a feeling of satisfaction to have a meal at their favorite restaurant and at their own comfortable time.

  • Loyalty Benefits

We make restaurant apps that include loyalty programs—these loyalty benefits help retain old customers and attract new ones by offering tempting deals. As a result, to keep the customer captivated to the app we can use push notifications with tempting deals.

Types of Restaurant Apps We Built

Maximum time people think, order from any app after all all restaurant apps are the same. But in actuality, only a restaurant business owner and a restaurant app developer know that several restaurant apps are designed based on different online food business models.

Now, let’s move to the popular types of restaurants app we develop:

Find Your Restaurant App

The restaurant-Locator app helps in finding out the restaurant within specific geo parameters. This type of app requires a complete database of all nearby small or big restaurants. To complete it efficiently, we compile the database with Google Places API and integrate the geolocation. So that customers quickly locate the restaurant in their radius. Examples – Yelp and OpenTable.  

On-table Order and Pay App

This automated system of ordering food came to light during the Covid-19 pandemic. While using this type of app, customers can place on-table orders, i.e. scan a QR code from their mobile they place the order without any interaction of restaurant staff. Also, pay digitally from the same app. 

Online Ordering and Delivery App

This type of restaurant app development category is one of the most popular as this kind of app gives complete business support. For this, we ensure that the app is full-fledged with state-of-the-art features, and with the smooth ordering process from searching a restaurant to tracking orders. The Zomato app is a classic example of this type of app.  

Loyalty Program App

Primarily, this app shares the ongoing and upcoming details of the deals. We develop this app so that restaurant owners can timely send the alerts and reminders for the upcoming deals and push notifications on daily basis. For example – Starbucks

Apart from these apps, the other restaurant app development solution that we offer includes the – 

  • Restaurant Review App
  • PoS for Restaurants
  • Restaurant Reservation App
  • Restaurants Deals & Offers App
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Waiter Management Solution
  • Self-Ordering Kiosks

Remember Modules and Features of a Restaurant App

As a restaurant app development company, we keep in mind the few modules before creating a restaurant app. It includes –

  • Table Reservation 
  • Inventory management 
  • Point of Sale System
  • Accounting
  • Order management
  • Employee management 
  • Payroll

Here are some basic features that we use during restaurant app development:

  • Interactive Menu
  • Online Ordering and Pre-ordering
  • Table Reservations
  • Online Payments Processing
  • Food Delivery
  • Geolocation Capabilities
  • Locating Restaurants Nearby
  • Loyalty Programs and Referral Rewards
  • History of Visits and Payments
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Push Notifications
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Chatbots
  • POS Features
  • Location-Based Services
  • Gamification
  • Multiple Platforms

Customize your Restaurant App with any combination of our powerful app features.

Steps to follow in the restaurant app development process

We are here to lead you through the restaurant app development process– check out our recommended steps below.

  • In-depth Market Research 

Before creating a restaurant app, we analyze the industry trends and the things required for the restaurant app development because in-depth research is necessary for targeting an audience. 

  • Work on a Business Plan

Our pre-development process includes application discovery and planning as an integral part. We set smart business goals with unique and intuitive business ideas.  

  • Select a Reliable Software Development Team

Once we finish our work on a business plan, we choose a skilled and experienced development team suitable for the restaurant development app.

  • Decide on UI/UX Design

This phase is all about the visualization of the restaurant app. We design a thoughtful UI/UX that ensures a smooth user experience. We use minimalism and plain colors, but we go for a highly interactive interface spared of excessive details.

  • Decide on the functionality of the App

After successfully choosing the development team, it’s time to finalize the customized restaurant app’s functionality. Because the selection of features directly affects the outcome of the restaurant business that a business owner expects to achieve with the application.  

  • Data Safety and Protection

During restaurant app development, we also ensure the data security and protection of the app. We use proper security measures in our restaurant mobile apps to prevent information outflow, hacking attacks, and other cyber threats.  

  • Development Process and Testing

Before launching the restaurant app, we stringently check the quality of the app. At this stage, our development team, including testers, tests an app and fixes any potential bugs.

  • Application Launch with Pre- and Post-Marketing

Once the mobile application is ready, the launch of the app depends on how well the pre- and post-marketing stages are planned. We organize special events and choose local holidays to introduce restaurant applications.

  • Post-Launch Activities

We also provide post-launch support to our clients. We provide project support and ongoing maintenance. Also, we keep updated with the new advanced features in our post-launch.

Essential Factors Required To Create a Restaurant App

Restaurant app development is based on various critical factors, such as the successful development, deployment, and operations that influence the app’s success.

Here are a few more factors that help the restaurant app or restaurant owner decide how extensive the app must be to meet the goals of developing the application. The following are to name a few of the influential ones.

  • Bandwidth and Load Testing
  • Budget & Future Planning
  • Competitor Profiling

Possible Challenges

Every app development comes with challenges that pose hindrances in the process, the same as with restaurant app development. If presumed in time, these roadblocks can be removed easily and make ordering food from the restaurant app a fun experience.

Some challenges are:

  • Competitor Landscape

The market is full of restaurant mobile apps; therefore, we use diversified ways to attract customers.  

  • Technology Upgrades

With the swift transformation in technology, it’s challenging to be in trend. That’s why, while creating a restaurant app, the development team must design the code to easily facilitate owners to integrate the latest API updates and code upgrades.

  • Monetary Considerations

Another challenge of the restaurant app development process is keeping the monetary investment under the planned limits. Because by using agile methodology, the team might overshoot the budget. That’s why we initially work on the features and technology stack before promising a high ROI to the business.

  • Unstable Customer Base

Clients’ loyalty could be more stable, which is one of the most challenging things in the restaurant business. To control the customer’s loyalty level, we use several market strategies, offers, and coupons.   

  • “Big Fish” Threat

The restaurant industry is packed with experienced players with the largest market share. It means a little space is left for newcomers. We use the latest technologies to help the business owner during the restaurant app development. 

Technology Stack for Restaurant App Development

Our tech stack for restaurant app development is finalized on the requirement and approval of the  business owners’ regarding the app details. Let’s look at the technology stack we use for restaurant app development.

Have a glimpse to the tech stack of the restaurant app development:

Front-end technologies:

  • For a better user interface, we use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • React Native, Angular, or Vue.js for building the mobile app
  • Bootstrap, Material-UI for styling

Back-end technologies:

  • Node.js and Express.js for the server-side logic
  • MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL for the database
  • AWS, Firebase, or Azure for hosting and deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Mobile App technologies:

  • AndroidiOS, Cross-platform like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Xamarin.
  • NoSQL for the database
  • Apple Store and Google Play Store for deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Additional technologies

  • Database technology: MongoDB or MySQL
  • Payment gateway integration: Stripe, Paypal, or another payment gateway
  • Push notification: Firebase Cloud Messaging 
  • Maps Integration: Google Maps
  • Cloud Platform: AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Authentication and Authorization: JWT, OAuth, or other authentication

With our customized Mobile App Development for Restaurants we give power to businesses to serve their customers.

Restaurant App Development Cost

The restaurant app development cost varies based on the following factors, it includes–

  • Size of the restaurant, such as the development of small, medium, or multi-restaurant food chain app.
  • Experience and number of restaurant app developers.
  • Advanced features such as payment gateway integration, push notifications, custom UIs, and social media integration.

Thus, it’s worth discussing it with a restaurant app development company for an estimated cost.

Why Choose Adsum Software?

Most restaurant business owners choose Adsum Software as their restaurant mobile app development company because of our extensive knowledge in the same domain. We have a technically advanced team of professionals who are updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

At pocket-friendly prices, we provide scalable and reliable restaurant app development solutions for clients globally. Moreover, we deliver the project on time without compromising on quality. 

We deliver precisely what you want by maintaining a smooth flow of healthy communication throughout the process.

  • We convert dream apps into reality
  • We guarantee pricing and clear timelines
  • We provide ongoing support
  • We help the client to increase their outreach

Tips for Making a Perfect Restaurant App

Being a restaurant app development company, the tips we want to share for making a perfect restaurant app are:

  • Cross-platform – One of the most important tips is to be available on both platforms, i.e., cross-platform. Because either people use Apple or Android, you are in trouble if your restaurant app does not cater to every platform.  
  • Intuitive UX/UI – Create a restaurant app using simple, minimalist, clutter-free, and state-of-the-art design options. 
  • Responsive & optimized – For different screens such as mobiles, iPads, and desktops the layout of the restaurant app should be flexibly designed. 
  • User-friendly – Another critical factor important for any restaurant app’s success is user-friendly. Easy and intuitive navigation of a restaurant app is a must-have.
  • Speed – Make sure the loading time of your app should be 3 seconds or less because now-a-days time matters more than money. 
  • Security – The security of the customer data filled in apps is a crucial concern. Therefore ensure all the parameters related to the security needs to keep the data safe.

Final Thoughts!

So far, after reading this article, you have gotten to know several things about restaurant app development. Also, restaurant app development involves understanding the audience and the business owner who will benefit directly from the app. 

Thus, no matter whether you wish to build your own restaurant app or improve your existing app, Adsum Software is an ideal choice, as we have professional restaurant app developers. So we’re excited to develop something unique; something intuitive and something cost-effective for you. Contact us.

We give life to your idea with our Restaurant App Development Services.

Know how!


Can I get my App translated into a different language?

Yes, we make a restaurant app with multilingual features so that customers can easily use the app anywhere and anytime.

How much time is needed in the completion of the development of the restaurant app?

Usually, the time taken by us for the restaurant app development process varies based on the size of the app, design stages, requirements, tech capabilities, features added to the app, testing, and others.

Will the restaurant app development company handover me the complete source code of the app when it is developed?

Yes we provide the complete restaurant app source code to our client at the time of the final handover of the project.

How can I develop an app like Starbucks or OpenTable?

Whether you want to create a restaurant app like Starbucks or OpenTable, you can make it with Adsum Software. As we have a remarkable experience in developing such apps. Without any hassle we provide our clients a perfectly developed and user-friendly app. We design it from scratch with all the inputs of the client and deploy it successfully.

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