How to Redesign an App

Are you looking to redesign an app? Look no further!! This post will walk you through the process of redesigning your mobile app in a few simple stages. 

Mobile applications have enriched our lives in the digital age by improving the way we connect, work, and play. To stay relevant and actively participate in the always changing market, applications must now be adjusted and redesigned as technology develops and user expectations change. 

So without further ado, let’s start.

What is App Redesign?

Redesigning an app includes completely updating both its look and functionality in order to improve the user experience. Such a modification might provide wonderful final results, including a surge in downloads, a boost in customer interaction with greater intensity and frequency, and ultimately a boost in income.

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When Do You Need to Redesign An App?

Businesses develop the products from the very beginning and occasionally make the same mistakes as parents in their parenting. It is very simple to overlook the opportunity when it applies to application redesigning. Here are several situations that may convince you that now is an ideal opportunity to make a change.

  • Using an outdated interface

Naturally, you’ll be biased toward your product. The ideal action is to inhale the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Apple. 2007 saw the release of the first iPhone. Compared to today, 6 million people would have bought it back in 2007.

  • Company rebranding

As interfaces become outdated, the business identity can also go extinct. If you are rebranding your business, it is important to not stop at the logo. Instead, maintain consistency and redesign all of your products. App redesign is part of the rebranding process. This is necessary to preserve design heredity and to create an association between a solution, a firm and the company. 

  • New target audience

Some entrepreneurs may have been targeting a specific group of users for a long time, but then decide to set new goals. App design must evolve in line with this. Say you created a home-fitness app for women 25-45 years old, and then decided to expand it to ladies 65+. Then the product UI/UX must become more accessible. 

  • Negative comments

Apps are designed for users. It’s sad but true. Then it’s most likely true. Some entrepreneurs are prone to taking it personally. However, this is just digging your own grave. Feedback helps to improve the user experience of apps and their design.

Benefits of Redesigning An App

We’ll discuss the advantages of rebuilding an application in this part. So let’s check out: 

  • Improved user experience: A human-readable app ensures easier navigation and understanding for users, leading to a more enjoyable experience.
  • Increased engagement: Clarity in design and content encourages users to explore the app’s features and spend more time using it.
  • Reduced learning curve: Users can quickly grasp the app’s functionality, resulting in shorter onboarding times.
  • Enhanced accessibility: A human-readable design accommodates users with diverse abilities, making the app inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

Factors to Know Before Redesigning An App

For an iOS or Android app to be successful, it is important to plan carefully, consider the needs of users, and have a clear idea of your business objectives. It’s important to identify the pain points, areas of improvement and user behavior before embarking on a redesign.

Here are some questions (factors) you should ask yourself:

  • What is the goal of the redesign? Do you wish to improve the app’s look or boost user engagement and sales?
  • Who are the customers you want to target? What are the requirements, objectives, and actions of your intended audience? What problems does your present app have?
  • What is the strength and weakness of the app as it stands? Where can you improve? What feedback has been received from your users?

You may increase the likelihood that your mobile app redesign will be successful by asking these questions and carefully evaluating the responses you receive.

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How to Redesign An App?

We’ll go through the step-by-step procedure for redesigning an app for your company in this part. Let’s start now: 

  • Research the market

Researching the market is the initial step in designing any app, total makeover or not. As you will be aiming high, your app should offer some unique features. Market research is a great way to narrow your focus. Examine what your competitors are saying and think of ways you may do better than them. Also, whether you want to redesign an app for iOS or android app development platform

  • Conduct an UX audit of the current version

The worst mistake anyone can make would be to ignore the current interface. Never. We instead deconstruct current apps, giving special attention to the users’ experience. This is a job that should be handled by a UX expert who can read metrics and optimize the user’s journey.

  • Go Through User Feedback

The final of the three pillars for app redesign is evaluation of users’ feedback. This includes obtaining reviews in the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, business owners frequently conduct consumer surveys. 

  • Create UI/UX design concept

This is the stage you must have completed before even your very first prototype. The plan stays almost the exact same. Wireframing. Prototyping. If you’ve recently rebranded, be sure to reflect the new brand identity in the redesign concept.

  • Test the new interface

UI/UX is a testing method that aims to discover flaws and holes in the user’s experience and the interface as a whole. In terms of the UI this means eliminating inaccuracies, such as uneven padding or incorrect displaying on certain devices. UX researchers interview, run A/B tests and create realistic scenarios to determine the UX for mobile applications.

  • Do the coding job

The dedicated developers will then begin writing the codebase of the project after the design stage. In the beginning, there is always a developer working on the frontend and then depending on new features, the coders will enter the workflow. React Native’s JavaScript framework is ideal for when mobile apps require a complete overhaul.

  • Release the app after ensuring it works correctly.

A QA team will test the product again and point out any errors. Aside from that, developers check to make sure software meets all requirements for platforms. Finally, we reach the biggest milestone of the entire redesign: the actual app release.

  • Post-release research

Was it successful or not? This is what you discover at the final redesign stage. However, the product life cycle doesn’t end here. Once you have released the application, support and app maintenance is required.

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Since we’ve been in the business for so long, we can both assist you decide which aspects of your mobile application ought to be redesigned and guide you through the whole procedure. Ensure that you consult with us before making any rash decisions.


Your application might require to be redesigned in some situations even if it may not be your first option. However, receiving an update is typically a solution to poor app success indicators and poor performance. Businesses revamp their applications for a variety of reasons, such as rebranding, introducing new features, poor customer satisfaction rates, and others. So, there are a number of procedures to follow while redesigning the UX and UI of an app, beginning with a UX audit and metrics statistics and concluding with the user interface testing phase.

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