Top on-demand medicine delivery app development cost and key features

The major impact of technological advancement is turning out to be a boon for the medical sector. With the adoption of the on demand medicine app delivery applications, now patients don’t have to wait in the long lines and wait for their turn. Users can click on the screen and order their prescriptions or scan it also. Best medicine delivery apps offer several benefits such as excluding handwritten confusions, saves time, and much more.

In this blog, we will discuss – on demand medicine delivery application and how it takes your medicine business to the next level. Along with, we will also highlight some other aspects including benefits, must have functionalities, and the best process for pharmacy app development.

What is a Medicine Delivery App?

What is a Medicine Delivery App?

Medicine Delivery Applications are also known as online pharmacy apps. The on-demand medicine delivery application allows customers to browse and select the right medicine that suits them as per their health preferences. Customers can pay bills online with different secure payment modes and receive their orders at doorstep.

How does a Medicine Delivery App Work?

The online medicine delivery services allow users to order medicines via Smartphones – Android and iOS. But still how it works? It is easy to use and with simple steps users can place orders, pay bills, and get the medicines on the doorsteps.

Step 1 – Users have to download the application from the App Store or Play Store. By submitting important information such as name, email id, and contact info users can register on app 

Step 2 – It is important to create a profile with name, contact info, and email address. Apart from this, users can also mention any disease that they are suffering in their daily lives or the prescription they have. 

Step 3 – Users can take appointments from the medical experts and order the same medicines online.

Step 4 – Users can separately find the medicines, add them to the cart, and pay online to the doorsteps.

Why is medicine delivery app development a growing need?

Why is medicine delivery app development a growing need?

For Customers

There are wide range of benefits that customers can acquire with custom pharmacy mobile applications

  • Hassle free online order and medicine delivery at doorstep.
  • Leverage the benefits of rewards, discounts, offers, and several deals.
  • Receive constant reminders for all your medical needs.

For Pharmacies

  • Business owners can meet the step with the digital world.
  • Target wider audience and expand the geographical audience.
  • Automated inventory management that ensures to save time and cost.

After COVID-19, there is a high need for medicine delivery app development

During Covid 19 pandemic, there were strict guidelines that people had to follow the lockdown terms. They have to stay indoors. In this situation, people were left with only one option and that was to opt for the online options.

After COVID-19, there is a high need for medicine delivery app development

In coronavirus, to prevent lives people have to opt for the online medicine delivery services that allows them to order online and receive the medicines and doorstep. Users don’t have to face hassle to step out and take risks. 

During the pandemic, people have increased the demand for online medical mobile applications. People were prefering to order medicines online only and that transformed the market extensively.

Why Invest in Online Medicine Delivery App Development

With hassle free online ordering and to avoid confusions users prefer to opt for the medicines app delivery services. In this 21 century, there is high demand for the users to shift the demand from the traditional medical facilities to the online medicine delivery apps.

Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery App

Customer Benefits

  • Saves Time

On demand medicine mobile application saves a huge amount of time for the customers as it eliminates the process of reaching the particular stores and users can easily order the medicines from anywhere. There are some stores that deliver the order on the same day.

  • Constant Updations on Medical availability

With push notification functionality online pharmacy app development companies can deliver regular updates on the status of the medicine availability. Patients or their family members don’t have to roam to different medical stores to find the specific prescriptions.

  • Discounts and Rewards

Customers can leverage the benefits of different deals and rewards that they can’t acquire in any terms from the offline stores.

  • Consultation with Experts

The main benefits users can consult with experts and inquire about the medicines. It helps to make the right decisions.

Pharmacists Benefits

  • Increase Customer Experience

With custom medicine delivery app development services, medical business owners can offer hassle-free delivery medical services that satisfy the customers at the utmost level.

  • Allows to Create a Strong Customer Base

Online medicine delivery business allows pharmacy companies to create a strong customer base by offering different rewards and turning the experience far better as ever before.

  • Easy Inventory Management

Medical owners don’t have to invest their time in the inventory management process. With online medical mobile apps, pharmacists can streamline the inventory management process in an automated manner.

  • Exclude Geographical Barriers

Pharmacy apps exclude all the geographical region challenges. It allows medicine business owners to target the wider region and audiences which ensures the chances to boost the revenue as well as increase sales.

The Top US Medicine Ordering/Delivery Apps are listed below

CVS Pharmacy

CVS pharmacy is one of the popular online medicine delivery applications. The CVS pharmacy application allows patients to access a wide range of healthcare based services.

This application offers different benefits to the users that allows them to leverage the benefits of discounts, deals, view prescription on history, and much more.

Key Features of CVS Pharmacy

  • Allows video chat with healthcare experts for full time.
  • Receive text messages all about doctor visits and constant medications.
  • Users can access their personal medical information.


NowRx is the best pharmacy application that allows users to deliver prescriptions at the office or home. It focuses on maintaining the high confidentiality of the data or personal health information. With this application, users can connect with medical experts at any time and from anywhere.

Key Features of NowRX

  • In selected areas, NowRX application delivers instant medications to the users in an hour.
  • It supports Android and iOS operating systems.
  • This allows users to transfer the prescriptions from one app to NowRX easily without any confusion.


PillPack is known for its simple pharmacy services. It is the best solution for patients, who use to have one or more medicines in a day. Along with this, the custom medicine application is designed in such a way that it sends reminders to the patient at the time when they have to take the medicines.

Key Features of Pill Pack

  • Users can pay the monthly payments and track the orders on constant basis.
  • Patients can reach the medical experts within 24 hours a day.
  • Auto refills integrated feature that never allows patients to delay the medications.


This application allows patients to order medicines from India. It also gives auto reminders to the users and medication safety alerts. Netmeds is easy to download and supports Android as well as iOS.

Key Features of NetMeds

  • Allows real-time tracking.
  • Easy access to all the medical information
  • Offers constant updations of medications.


This application offers next level features as it not only allows patients to order but also browse the health conditions. Users can browse the bonus cash history and check several bonus points. Help to save huge amounts and most preferred by the users.

Key Features of RiteAid

  • Users can save the bonus points in the Apple wallets.
  • The RiteAid pharmacy application allows to store and track the pharmacy information and services.
  • It allows users to add and manage different family members’ prescriptions.
  • Users can transfer prescriptions easily.


The 1MG medical application brings different healthcare providers on one platform. It is known as the one-stop destination for all your medical treatments that includes leading diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and much more. Users can access medication information, doctor consultation, and many more.

Key Features of 1MG

  • 1MG medicine services offer users to buy medicines, consult doctors online, and book different lab tests.
  • Users can easily search the pharmacy outlets that offer services in the specific areas.
  • Provide access to all kinds of medical treatments that includes homopethatch, Ayurveda, and normal medications.


Medlife is one of the most popular online medicine delivery services. The application offers several medical devices to the patients that turn the treatment process more smoother and flexible.

Key Features of  Medlife

  • Medlife allows patients to book tests online.
  • This application offers full body and health packages.
  • Provides constant discounts and offers.
  • Reports and other status are sent by email and SMS within 12 and 48 hours.
  • This app offers the best medical products.

Online Pharmacy App Development Key Features

Customer Panel

  • Sign Up/Sign-In

Customers can easily register and sign in on the apps by filling all the important information that includes name, contact, email id, and much more. Users can sign in with a phone number and password.

  • User Profile

The user profile includes a short description, payment method, contact details, and much more.

  • Upload Prescriptions

Users can upload their prescriptions online from their Smartphones.

  • Secured Payments

Customers can pay bills securely with third-party platforms that are easy to facilitate the payment process.

  • Browse Categories

Users can browse different categories and find the products as per the preference. With smart filters, users can easily search the products.

  • Order Tracking

Customers can track the real-time status easily of their delivery.

Pharmacist Panel

  • Pharmacist Panel

The Pharmacist profile complies with all the important information that involves name, contact number, address, and much more.

  • Availability Status

The pharmacist status has an authority to modify the availability status that allows to serve the customers as per their time preference.

  • Push Notification

The custom web and app development company focuses on integrating the push notification feature that allows pharmacists to get notifications about the status of orders or alerts for new alerts instantly.

  • Delivery Status

Online medicine delivery business can track the real-time delivery status of different orders.

  • Order Management

The interactive online pharmacist mobile application allows to manage the different orders that make the process more smoother and faster.

  • Daily Report

By opting for medicine app development services, pharmacy companies can track the daily report and track the monthly, weekly sales, and ensure to manage the processing in an accurate way.

Super Admin Panel

  • Interactive Dashboard Panel

It is important for the healthcare application development company to create an interactive dashboard panel that allows to manage all the tasks and completed orders that helps to streamline the medical delivery processes.

  • Inventory Management

The powerful admin panel allows to manage different types of inventories and orders with the real-time orders.

  • Real Time Tracking

Pharmacists can track the medicine delivery agents with specific mobile modules in real-time.

  • Manage Earnings

Pharmacists can view and manage monthly and weekly earnings as well as expenditures.

  • Analytical Reports

With analytical reports, companies can track the reports, increase productivity and enhance performance.

  • Marketing tools

Pharmacist companies can create different marketing campaigns and target different social media platforms to target new customer markets.

Delivery Boy Panel

  • Driver Profile

Pharmacy companies can manage all the details of the driver on one platform.

  • Instant Notifications

Delivery boys can get instant notifications on new delivery requests.

  • Delivery Status Input

In an interactive dashboard, companies can track the delivery status and many more details easily without any hassle.

  • Quick  Delivery

With route optimization features, custom app development designs the solution in such a way that integrates the google maps feature that allows to reach the destination faster.

Required Techstack: Develop Medicine Delivery App

  • Mobile SDK – ios and Android
  • SMS, Voice, and phone verification – Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notifications – Firebase, One Signal, Twilio,
  • Payment Gateway – Stripe, Braintree & PayPal, E-wallets
  • Datastax – for data management
  • GWT – for powerful programming
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Cassandra, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google
  • Debian – The universal operating system
  • Mandrill – for everything related to the emails
  • Streaming Media System – Helix Universal Server, Wowza streaming engine, Nimble Streamer

What Team Structure is Required for Medicine Delivery App Development?

For online medicine delivery app development services, companies need highly skilled and proficient teams that ensure to meet the latest market trends. Hire dedicated online medicine app developers or partner with a healthcare application development company.

What Team Structure is Required for online pharmacy app development services?

It’s essential to have a cohesive team throughout all stages of app development, from inception to execution. At an absolute minimum, you’ll need one lead developer (ideally with years of experience) who will oversee project management as well as development. You should also have a project manager and at least one designer or visual designer – some projects will require additional developers if your app requires complex back-end functionality. The best way to launch successful medicine delivery app development is to partner with a mobile application development company.

1. Business Analyst

The business analyst is responsible for translating a company’s objectives into effective solutions. The data analysis process begins with meetings with key stakeholders, such as business managers, who describe their needs in concrete terms. 

Business analysts then work to understand these needs in-depth before developing a solution strategy that meets those needs while accounting for cost factors, technical limitations, and other real-world requirements. Once a solution has been developed, business analysts continue to track its progress against performance targets until it’s ready for launch.

2. UI/UX Designer

Once you have your core functionality in place, it’s time to think about your application’s overall look and feels. The visual design of your application is called User Interface Design (UI) while User Experience (UX) focuses on how a user feels when interacting with your app. UI/UX designers use templates, images, sketches, and mockups to create intuitive layouts for an application.

UI (user interface) designers are generally responsible for how a product appears. They focus on how easy it is to navigate, read, use, and interact with an app or site. UX (user experience) designers bridge UI design with behavioral design by considering how people will behave when using a site or app. Together they work to create a seamless look that’s also an intuitive user experience.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop software that enables apps. Your app won’t work without them. When you’re looking for grocery list app development services, make sure to ask your potential software engineer partners if they specialize in native iOS, Android, or cross-platform mobile development (hybrid). A specialist will likely be able to develop a better app for you than an app developer who does general web development with a side of mobile on the side.

4. QA Engineer

A QA engineer’s role is crucial to creating a user-friendly application that provides value to users. A strong QA team can ensure that any app will have few bugs if any, and positive reviews. 

They are considered one of the biggest assets when it comes to developing a successful medicine delivery app because they ensure all levels of your program work smoothly before you launch.

5. Project Managers

Medicine delivery app development requires a project manager. The project manager is responsible for overseeing all of his or her team members to ensure tasks are completed within time constraints. One of their key functions is to ensure that deadlines are met and tasks can be completed in a timely manner. The project manager will also need to understand what different developers do, so they can coordinate with them effectively.

Building A Medicine Delivery App Requires Medical Compliance & Integration

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA)
  • Health Level 7 International ( HL7)
  • Food and Drug Administration ( FDA)
  • US department of health and US Services
  • Integrated with EPA
  • Certified with EPCS

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Medicine Delivery Mobile App?

The online medical app development services acquire different stages and functionalities. There are no exact online medicine delivery app development services as it varies from different aspects that includes features you want to integrate into the solution, time duration, and team you prefer to hire. Henceforth, companies can outsource the project or hire in-house developers that also the reason that the cost can differ.

How Can Adsum Software Help?

The world’s leading mobile app development company. We’ve served clients for decades, providing expert developers and designers who can meet the latest industry standards as well as take advantage of new technological advances. When we start working on your project, our consulting team will go over all your specifications.

We’ll study it with our experts and then begin coding, always producing high-quality products that are tailored to fit your needs. With so many years behind us in this field, you can trust us to build exactly what you want – whether it’s a mobile game or an augmented reality experience- because we know what really works best for you.

End point

On demand medicine applications are in high demand. Presently, people prefer to opt for the doorstep online delivery services. In this blog, we have mentioned about on demand medicine app development services that will help to take your business to the next level.


How can I launch a pharmacy delivery app?

In order to launch your successful pharmacy online mobile application, it is important to clear some of the important factors

  • Plan your business
  • Register your business as per your specific geographical region
  • Hire app developers
  • Launch your on-demand medicine application
  • Choose your best monetization strategy.
  • Check for all the license.
  • Go for the insurance.

How much does it cost to develop a medicine delivery app?

There is not one set price for the app because it all varies based on how much time and effort has been put into developing it as well as what type of programs you will use.

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