On-Demand Beauty App Development: How to Build Beauty App

Have you ever felt frustrated while booking an appointment at your favorite beauty salon? Waiting for your preferred time slot or enduring long queues can be annoying. Many customers miss out on great offers at other salons simply because they need to learn about them. Businesses invest in an on-demand beauty app development solution to tackle these inconveniences.

In a Forbes report, it’s revealed that 28% of beauty professionals prefer freelance work. As the beauty industry is expected to reach $190 billion by 2024, these apps offer a win-win situation. The demand for beauty app development is enormous, and it will benefit businesses in the future. 

This blog will explore the on-demand beauty app development steps and other aspects.

What is On-demand Beauty App Development?

The process of developing a mobile application that links clients seeking beauty services with specialists in the field in an easy, upon-request manner is known as on-demand beauty app development.

These applications have grown in prominence recently since they give users a means to schedule various beauty services from the convenience of their houses or other chosen places, including haircuts, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, and spa treatments.

Market Stats of On-demand Beauty App

The demand for cosmetics and beauty services has increased with the advent of mobile app technology. So, it is the right time for businesses to invest in beauty on-demand app development and take their business to greater heights. But first, let’s see the market size of beauty apps:

Source: Statista

  • With roughly 44.3 million downloads in 2021, the USA was undoubtedly the most favored nation for cosmetic technology application downloads.
  • According to app store statistics, Combyne was the most excellent-selling beauty app in the US in 2021. 
  • Comparing the other nations covered in the report, China had the greatest percentage of overall beauty app users.

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Steps to Build an On-demand Beauty App

Making a beauty application is a complex undertaking. It needs thorough preparation, investigation, and execution. Here are the development steps to think about while beginning the process. However, the exact steps may differ based on your particular requirements:   

  • Do Market Analysis 

You should begin by analyzing the market and knowing the potential audience. Also, you must understand what your audience wants from the app and their preferences. Besides, keep an eye on your competitors and their activities. 

For example, what unique features they have and how they can be different in the market. Once everything is clear, you should make a business plan that showcases your app’s USP. 

  • Choose the Right Features

Once you analyze the app market, decide the essential features that you want in your on-demand beauty app. Also, the UI/UX design must be well-versed and go with the elements. For example, you can add essential features like:

– Appointment scheduling

– Service selection

– User profiles

– Secure payment options

– Reviews and ratings

– In-app chat

  • Legal Requirements and Regulations 

Ensure the application adheres to regional, state, and federal laws. Leverage the services of legal professionals to establish the best organizational structure, get the required licenses, and manage any liabilities arising from data privacy laws.

  • Start to Develop On-demand Beauty App 

After finalizing the features and done with the legal requirements, you must hire a dedicated development team, or you can even outsource one. Ask the team to create a user-centric design and ensure that your on-demand beauty app operates seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Let’s Do App Testing 

Test the app’s usability, security, and other aspects in-depth before releasing it. Ensure that it functions flawlessly on a wide range of devices and OS. Fix any flaws or difficulties and update the application depending on user feedback.

  • Launch the App 

After your app has been finished, put it on app stores for download. You can launch it on the Play Store and App Store, respectively. It is vital to know that continuous app maintenance should be done. 

After that, create a strong marketing plan to draw professionals and users. To generate visibility and encourage customers to adopt, use social media, promotional materials, and alliances with nearby salons and beauty schools.

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Key Features for On-demand Beauty App Development

As you know, features are crucial for better functioning and creating a vast user base. So, you must integrate the below feature in your on-demand beauty app development, which is recommended by an Android app development company

  • User-Friendly Interface

When you integrate the feature into your app, ensure it has an intuitive and visually appealing interface. Also, providing easy navigation encourages user engagement and retention, which is necessary for any firm.

  • Virtual Try-On

If you offer beauty items, this improves the customer experience and boosts sales. Implement AR technology for virtual makeup and hair trials in your beauty app. 

  • Appointment Booking

This feature allows users to book beauty appointments with their preferred salons and professionals. So, you must hire dedicated developers who can integrate a calendar and reminder system to help reduce no-shows.

  • Product Catalog

If you’re selling beauty products, a comprehensive product catalog with detailed descriptions, reviews, and easy purchasing options is a must. Users will discover it more straightforward to locate items that suit their needs. They can choose a category or put filters to find personalized beauty products. 

  • Social Sharing

With this feature, users can share their beauty transformations and purchases on social media. This can serve as free marketing for your app and associated businesses.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Ask the developers to incorporate a review and rating system for services and products. It will assist users to see that positive feedback may build trust and gain more users.

  • Push Notifications

This is one of the essential features that every app must have. Your app can send personalized notifications about discounts, offers, or appointment reminders. So that users can get regular updates regarding the request or discounts. This can boost sales and customer engagement.

  • Analytics and CRM

For a more profound comprehension of your audience, your app needs to gather user information and behavioral analytics. Utilizing this data will allow for more precise marketing efforts and enhanced app functionality.  

Leading On-demand Beauty Apps in the Market

On-demand Beauty AppsLaunch DateAvailable PlatformRatings
StyleSeat2011Android | iOS4.8
Vagaro2009Android | iOS4.4

  • Glamsquad

Glamsquad, a famous beauty app, lets users book licensed and trusted beauty professionals for nail and hair services wherever they like, be it at home, in the office, or at a hotel. It provides on-demand beauty services, making it convenient for customers to get pampered on their terms.

  • Glamazon

Glamazon is your go-to app for all things beauty! Whether you’re looking for a salon appointment nearby or want a stylist to come to your location, we’ve got you covered. From hairdressing, makeup, massages, and facials to manicures, nail care, and tanning services, we offer it all at your convenience. 

  • StyleSeat

StyleSeat is a user-friendly beauty appointment booking application. It empowers users to effortlessly discover and reserve appointments with nearby nail technicians and hair stylists, making the process of finding and scheduling beauty services convenient and accessible.

  • Vagaro

Vagaro is an app designed for those seeking beauty and wellness services. It lets users easily find and schedule appointments with local professionals like hairstylists and nail technicians, making it a convenient way to access and book these services.


For a few years, the on-demand app for beauty has been the new trend in the industry. A beauty service app on demand is an excellent investment for people in business who want to expand their brand and increase revenue. 

Therefore, now is the best time to create an on-demand beauty app to help your salon grow and succeed. All you need to do is contact Adsum Software, a prominent mobile app development company. They can assist in building your on-demand beauty app and take your salon to the next stage. 

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