Building Secure Mobile Apps For Healthcare

By enhancing the efficiency, quality of service, and communication, mobile app for healthcare transforms the healthcare ecosystem. So, if you are among those who want to build a secure mobile app for healthcare, then you’re at the right place.

Let’s first look at some intriguing facts and figures before talking about how bespoke mobile app ideas for healthcare might help the healthcare industry.

Important Facts about Mobile Apps for Healthcare Industry

Before reaching out to a healthcare app development company for developing a healthcare app, check out some amazing facts about that. 

Let’s have a look at a few market overviews for mobile apps for healthcare.

  • Globally over 318,000 health apps available on top app stores 
  • Every single day over 200 new healthcare apps are added to the app store
  • By 2025, it is predicted that the market for mobile health applications would bring in around 111.1 billion dollars.

As per the reports, nearly 50% of patients, it seems, would rather have an immediate virtual session than a physical one. Another study shows that, In 2020, U.S. healthcare expenditure was $3.8 trillion, or 19.7% of GDP and by 2023, total expenditures are predicted to grow to $4.3 trillion and around $6.2 trillion by 2028.

With our mobile app development services for healthcare, we give you a reason to invest in this industry.

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Future Trends in Mobile Apps for Healthcare

People have recently become more tech-savvy because they seek fast, secure, and practical services. At Adsum Software, we follow progressive technology and the latest trend during mobile app development services for healthcare.

Trends in Mobile App for Healthcare

  • Telemedicine
  • Digital Prescription and Health Records
  • Remote Monitoring of Patient Through Wearables
  • Personalized Genomics and Medicine
  • Gaming Applications
  • Retail Healthcare
  • Clinical Solutions
  • Fitness Solutions

Trends in Healthcare Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • AR/VR
  • Voice Search
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Chatbot

Benefits of Mobile App for Healthcare

We develop full-fledged mobile apps for healthcare professionals with countless benefits offered by mobile health apps in daily life.

1. Improved Patient Engagement

Our mobile app ideas for healthcare are patient-centric. Through our apps, we provide patient’s engagement by accessing and monitoring patients medical records/prescription details, personalized experiences & information sharing between providers and patients.  

2. Minimize Risks of Misdiagnosis

Our mobile app development services for healthcare reduce the risk of data loss. Our app helps to keep an accurate e-record of the status of the patient’s health. As a result, it minimizes the risk factor.

3. Hassle-free Payments

Our mobile app development services for healthcare include highly secured payment gateway integration to make payments fast and smooth. 

4. Improved Prescription Alerts

Being a Healthcare App Development company, we developed our app in a way that gives convenience to patients and health professionals. Through our app we also send notifications or reminders that alert patients about their upcoming appointments, medication, prescriptions and more so that patients do not miss anything.

5. Enhanced Data Management

Our mobile app for healthcare is integrated with EHR to organize valuable records automatically. 

6. Enhancing Medical environments with IoT Implementations

Our healthcare applications work with fitness bands, glucometers, blood pressure and heart rate monitors, and other wearable and wirelessly linked medical equipment.

Partner with us and let’s build a game-changing healthcare app together.

Understanding the Target Audience for Healthcare Mobile Apps

To give the best mobile app development services for healthcare, we determine its precise target, and this is what we work on while creating mobile apps for healthcare professionals. 

We must identify the application’s target market in order for it to successfully locate its consumers. A personalized portrait combines social, demographic, and other traits with the particular objectives of a potential user. 

The following inquiries must be addressed while developing a buyer persona:

  • What issue will the mobile app solve?
  • Who will be the audience and why?
  • What makes the app unique 
  • Are there any other successful solutions similar to ours on the market?

Being a mobile apps for healthcare providers, we focus on one problem at a time, not all at once. We don’t strive to make an one-stop solution app with several features:

  • We plan functionality and design decisions on user demands and preferences.
  • We use the best monetization model in our app.
  • We create a focused and successful marketing campaign.
  • Define the app’s category: patient-oriented/doctor-oriented

Examples of Successful Healthcare Mobile Apps

  • Doximity

Doximity is a mobile app available for healthcare professionals which is somehow like linkedIn. It enables users to maintain touch with coworkers and manage their careers. With over 70% of physicians as members, it is the largest professional healthcare network.

  • uMoove

This mobile app uses face and eye-tracking technology for medical applications, including in-house diagnostics and therapeutics for neurological diseases. 

  • iCouch

Through this app, mental health professionals globally connect with patients via video conferencing. It prevents missed appointments and rescheduling via mobile video technology.

  • EASE

To send the updates related to the medical issues to patient’s loved ones, the EASE app allows healthcare professionals. Physicians and nurses use EASE MD to send updates while families use EASE to receive them. 

The healthcare business is evolving as a result of these mobile apps. To run more efficiently these apps are authorizing organizations by keeping professionals up to date on advancement in medical science and technology and providing tools they need to do their jobs.

Key Elements & Capabilities of Mobile Apps of Healthcare

Healthcare App Features for Patients

  • Easy to register and sign in
  • Doctor profile look up 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Reminders and notifications 
  • Doctor-patient communication through video conferencing 
  • Symptom checker and in-app chats 
  • Integration with medical devices 
  • Access to medical records 
  • Prescription tracking 
  • Patient Community 
  • Health Education 

Healthcare App Features for Doctors

  • EHR/EMR Integration
  • ePrescriptions
  • HIPAA Compliance

Key Considerations for Developing a Mobile App for Healthcare

The price of creating a mobile app for healthcare will depend on how many features and functionalities are integrated. The no. of hours required to build the mobile app of healthcare is also one of the important factors to find out the estimated cost of the app.

Strategies for Launching and Marketing Healthcare Mobile Apps

Being a mobile apps for healthcare providers, we not only take care of the development part of the mobile app but also we look after the launching and marketing of the app. We divided it into several categories as follows:

Provide Users with Assurances

  • Focus on Security 
  • Connect with Medical Experts
  • Browse User Reviews
  • Look at International Regulations

Pre-Launch Marketing

  • Understand Your Audience 
  • Create a Press Kit 
  • Establish Support Infrastructure 

Mobile-First Approach

  • Ensure Exceptional Performance
  • Push Notifications
  • Think About Innovation
  • Create a User-Friendly Website
  • Show an Introduction Video 
  • Simplify Technical Jargon

Additional Strategies

  • Leverage PPC Campaigns
  • Utilization of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

How to Successfully Build a Mobile App For Healthcare?

To develop a mobile app for healthcare, we follow a step-by-step itinerary. Firstly, we will take an in-depth route to learn and implement the mobile app ideas for healthcare, that includes:

  • Technical Stack
  • Business Idea Validation
  • Features Integration
  • Design Flow
  • Hiring a team
  • Build an MVP
  • Cost Estimation

Among these considerations, we ensure that we take care of some security needs that are  essential for mobile app development services for healthcare.


Mobile applications for healthcare workers are just advancing the development and trends of the sector, which have been rising for a while. So, if you are planning to contact a healthcare mobile app development company to build the healthcare app, now is the time!

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