Custom App Development for Healthcare Organization

According to a projection by Statista, the market size of mobile healthcare apps in the United States is expected to exceed 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

It shows clearly that custom app development for healthcare industry is on a massive rise, and many entrepreneurs need help to mark their place in the mHealth industry. So, If you’re among them, you landed on the right page.

To give you a big head start, we’ll understand the most significant aspects relating to custom mobile app development for healthcare, and Adsum Software will help you in that in all ways.

Healthcare App Development: Overview

Custom App Development for Healthcare is an app development for mobile devices. That gives its users a real-time experience of medical services, hospital experience, tips on improving health, insurance claims, eHealth records, assistance from doctors and health experts, and many more.

Accelerate your Business and Increase Productivity with our custom Healthcare App solutions.

Types of healthcare apps we develop

Being a Healthcare app development company, we develop different types of healthcare apps, that includes-

Types of healthcare apps we develop

Medical Professionals Apps

These apps are used to communicate between the patient and the doctor. Here’s the list of medical professional apps types:

  • Remote patient monitoring apps
  • EHR data aggregation and analysis apps
  • Practice management apps
  • Medical research apps
  • Doctor appointment apps
  • Electronic medical/health records apps
  • Doctors networking apps
  • Telemedicine apps

Patients Apps

This type of app provides useful health-related information for patients. The list of the kinds of patients app includes: 

  • Appointment scheduling applications
  • Patient engagement apps that actively engage patients with educational materials and reminders
  • Fitness and wellness apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Symptom checkers
  • Medication intake tracking apps
  • Medical education apps
  • Healthy lifestyle apps
  • Diagnosis apps for preventive purposes

Healthcare Providers App

This category of the app includes the following types of apps:

  • Clinical assistance apps
  • Time scheduling apps
  • Billing apps
  • E-health record (EHR) systems
  • Population health management software
  • Medical device data collection platforms
  • Wearable tech apps
  • Drug inventory tracking apps

So, we give you a big pool of choices from where you can select custom healthcare app solutions based on your requirement.

Pros of Utilizing Healthcare App For Doctors And Patients

Our Custom App Development for Healthcare offers patients and healthcare professionals several benefits. Let’s go over a few significant advantages of the healthcare app.

Benefits For Doctors

  • Save visiting time due to Remote assistance 
  • Effective workload distribution
  • Brand awareness
  • Faster decision making
  • More accurate diagnosing
  • Less stress and burnout
  • Improved communication between professionals
  • Better hospital and equipment management
  • Reduced cost of healthcare provision

Benefits For Patients

  • Improved treatment process
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Secure Online payment
  • Remote assistance
  • Higher quality care
  • On-demand accessible care
  • Better control over health data

What makes Adsum Software the perfect choice for custom healthcare app development?

As a Healthcare app development company, we take care of complete end-to-end Custom healthcare app solutions from prototyping to the app’s design, development, and deployment. 

Furthermore, we provide Custom App Development for Healthcare that gives you complete access of your app so you can use it in whatever ways you want. 

Our Custom healthcare technology solutions help you in building your business because of the following reasons-

  • Proven mhealth experience
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Transparent and agile processes
  • Innovative Custom healthcare app solutions
  • Logically Designed Architecture
  • Superior Code Quality

Tools & Technologies that We Use

As a healthcare app development company, we will help you in choosing a technology that is best fits to your custom app development for a healthcare project goals

Our highly skilled technocrats know how to do instant messaging app development by using advanced technologies and following the trend. To understand what tech stack is used by our techies to build a message app, Keep delving —

Front-end technologies:

  • For a better user interface, we use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • React Native, Angular, or Vue.js for building the mobile app
  • Bootstrap, Material-UI for styling

Back-end technologies:

  • Node.js and Express.js for the server-side logic
  • MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL for the database
  • AWS, Firebase, or Azure for hosting and deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Mobile App technologies:

  • AndroidiOS, Cross-platform like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Xamarin.
  • NoSQL for the database
  • Apple Store and Google Play Store for deploying the app
  • For Payment gateway integration, we use such as Stripe and PayPal

Additional technologies

  • Database technology: MongoDB or MySQL
  • Payment gateway integration: Stripe, Paypal, or another payment gateway
  • Push notification: Firebase Cloud Messaging 
  • Maps Integration: Google Maps
  • Cloud Platform: AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Authentication and Authorization: JWT, OAuth, or other authentication

Steps To Build A Healthcare App

If you want to develop a healthcare app, you must understand its application goals, must-have features, and functionalities, which is quite daunting. To reduce this complexity from your life, we help you with our Custom healthcare app solutions.

To transform all your ideas into a feature-rich custom healthcare app, we will unleash the following steps:

  • Analyze a Problem – We analyze a problem that occurs at patients, providers, and at the end of the pharmacy and solves them with the help of our app.
  • Identify the Platform – After discussing with our client, we finalize the app platform, For example, Android, iOS, or hybrid. 
  • Pre-Requisites – Before initiating the app development, our healthcare app developers understand clients’ requirements and select which design pattern is suitable for that and which technology can be used. 
  • Choose a Location for the App Launch – For a good user base and response, we choose the targeted location for the app launch. 
  • Pay Attention to the UI/UX – For a better approach, we use the UI/UX design to give a satisfactory user experience. 
  • Pay Attention to Creating MVP and Getting It Validated – Instead of creating an entire application, we create an MVP and first validate it from the client. 
  • Test Your Application – Once the app’s development process is finished, we test every little thing of the app. 
  • Launch App and Track Performance – After the testing of the app, we launch the app and keep tracking its performance of the app. 

Must-Have Features in a Health Application

As a leading-edge Healthcare app development company, we have comprehensive expertise in creating healthcare app. Our healthcare app developers build apps with features and functionality that address your organization’s critical needs. It includes – 

  • Bill pay
  • Rx refill requests
  • Physician Search
  • Location search
  • Urgent care wait times
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Our apps smoothly support integration with wearable devices.
  • Secure Messaging
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient notifications/reminders
  • Navigation solutions
  • CCDA-based health summaries
  • Lab results
  • Symptom checker
  • News and events
  • Video Library

Monetization Models of a Healthcare Application

If you want us to build an enterprise healthcare solution that generates revenue, we help you with that by using monetized models for your health app. Though there are several options to do it, we generally leverage one of the following ways to earn money with your health app:

  • Pay-per-Download
  • In-App Purchases
  • Commission-based
  • Subscription-based
  • Freemium
  • In-App Advertising

What is the Expected Cost to Develop a Healthcare App?

To determine  the cost of Custom App Development for Healthcare we consider several  factors that include:

  • Pre-development phase which involves analyzing the competition, assessing the market stage, identifying the features for implementation, etc.
  • Number of targeted platforms for development such as iOS, Android, or both
  • Use of technology and innovations 
  • The complexity of app design including customizations, branding, animations, etc.
  • Cost of Healthcare app developer.

Utilize our Healthcare App Development solution to create an app that will make you an Industry Leader.

Bottom Line

At Adsum Software, we possess extensive expertise in healthcare app development, from the research stage to a ready-to-launch healthcare mobile application.

So, if you’re seeking a healthcare app development company or need expert guidance for your project? Look no further than Adsum Software.

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