How to Build a Language Learning App – The Ultimate Language Learning Guide

In this blog, we are focusing on how to build learning language mobile applications. With high-performance and robust mobile apps, you can unlock your business benefits, we have also mentioned some of the other ways that you can earn with language learning mobile apps.

Before going ahead, let’s discuss – What is a language learning application?

What is a Language Learning Mobile Application?

The learning language mobile application is a tool for the learners to learn the different languages. With this, learners can add on skills and can become proficient with foreign languages that allows them to communicate easily with other nations. Along with this, geographical communication barriers.

Trends in Language Learning Mobile App

The language learning mobile is growing constantly. It is unlocking several opportunities and that leads to language learning mobile app market size is 19.5 Billion USD.

As the world is taking its steps towards digitalisation and now it seems people have changed their preferences. Language learning mobile app owners should invest in online business and leverage huge profit as –

Revenue in the language learning sector increased 32% to $8.21 billion in 2021. Online services cover about 12% of the total income in the language learning industry.

Benefits of Language Learning Mobile Applications

  • Learn Anytime and from Anywhere

The major benefit of language learning mobile applications is it allows users to learn the different languages at any time and from anywhere in the world. Users can simply use their smartphones and with internet connectivity can opt for different courses and languages. This is how businesses can reach multiple users and exclude all the barriers.

  • Many Language learning Courses on one Platform

Another benefit that language learning application allows users to leverage is they can find multiple courses on one platform only. In the process, to build  a language learning app, developers can easily integrate multiple courses on the same platform that make the accessible feature easier for the users.

  • Interaction Sessions

App developers build the language learning mobile app that offers interactive features such as browse of relevant videos, live chat, and video calls. Apart from this, in the language learning Android and iOS mobile app users can play different games in the form of quizzes that make the learning process easier and faster for the students.

Top Five Language Learning Apps

There are already multiple language learning language mobile applications in the market that users are using at a high pace. If you are looking to make a learning app, these learning apps can give you an idea how to plan, integrate functionalities, and many more.

  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • Triplingo
  • Lingualift
  • Busuu

Must have  Functionalities of Language Learning Mobile Applications

If you have decided to create your own language app, it is important to consider the essential functionalities in the language learning mobile app.  Moreover, it will help your language learning mobile app businesses to meet the competitive market and user expectations.

Features for Language Learning Mobile App

  • Sign Up

The foremost feature to integrate in the language learning mobile application is the sign up. The sign up option allows users to register on the app by providing the important information for data that is name, email id, gender, nationality, and much more.

It will help to maintain the data of the customers for a long period of time.

  • Sign In

After signing up on the app, it is time to sign in with the username and password that allow users to access the learning language mobile application functionalities. In this way, business owners will have the data of the customers.

  • Learning Screen

In the language learning mobile application, it is important to integrate the smart dashboard that can offer learning screen in which

  • Videos can be visible
  • Users can record the screen
  • Users can record the screen
  • Able to select the particular word from the phrase
  • High quality images and HD video should support
  • Profile and Settings

Users can manage their profile with settings. They can hide their personal details or do they want to share their progress with other users or not. Users can manage the information as per their preferences. Apart from this, can also manage to leverage the benefits of the functionalities on the basis of their needs.

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming is the trending feature of modern apps. It allows app owners to connect with the real users. Live streaming has its own benefits such as offering virtual learning sessions.

  • Illustrations

In developing learning apps, adding illustrations makes the process of understanding more easier for the students. With the graphical manner, teachers can make the understanding process smooth for the students and they can easily grab the concepts.

Other Specific features

Student PanelTutor AppAdmin PanelAdvanced FeaturesPaid Plugin
Browse CoursesRegistrationSmart DashboardMark FeaturesFeatured Courses
Browse TutorsSign-InManage StudentsQuizzesLive Group Classes
Scheduling online TutorsTutor ProfileManage TutorsQ/A sessionsSubscription Packages
Video ConferencingInstant NotificationsContent managementCertificationMultilingual
Add to CartVideo/Voice CallsManage alertsRecord and download the videoMulti-currency
Multiple Payment OptionsProvide Answers to studentsEarningShare invoicesPayment gateway integration
Pop Up AlertsPreview view and ratingRole-based accessCourse Progress
Rating and ReviewsOffer gradesAnalytics and ReportsReferrals
Student DashboardInstructor DashboardMessage BoardsParent access

Steps to build a Language Learning Mobile Apps

Here we are listing the steps to build a language learning mobile app that will ensure to streamline the process, avoid future challenges, and meet the future goals.

  • Plan your Idea

Firstly, it is important to plan your idea and be clear with your objectives. Planning an idea helps to bring clarity to process it and identify the future challenges that help to make a language application.

  • Research your Competitors

Once you are clear with your idea, it’s time to research your competitors. It will help to identify the functionalities that should be considered to build a learning language app. Moreover, it also helps to cope up with the current market.

  • Focus on Designing

After competitor analysis, it’s time to put attention on UI/UX. No matter how many advanced functionalities language learning app developers integrate but user interface has the power to grab the attention and keep users engaged. Henceforth, it is important that design should be based on eye catchy and interactive attributes.

  • Identify the Functionalities

Designing is important but it doesn’t mean that the language learning mobile application development company doesn’t have to focus on the functionalities. It is important to identify the relevant features that opt for the emerging technologies such VR and AI that increase user experience of the users.

  • Create Wireframe

Once you have finished the process, it is time to develop the wireframe to get the idea of the application and identify the challenges. By creating the wireframe, it helps to get the idea of the final product and allows to identify the understanding between developer and business owner.

  • Designing and Development

Once the wireframe is created, now the next process is to keep an eye on the design and development process. Developers have to opt for the latest design trends such as colour combination, animation, and technologies that allow interactive design.

Developers can develop language learning mobile apps for Android and iOS with cutting edge technologies that deliver next generation experience. In the development process, coders integrate advanced features.

  • Testing of Language Learning app

After design and development, the next part is manual and unit testing that allow developers to launch the bug free application The testing process allows mobile app developers to detect the bugs on the initial stage and fix them before launching. It helps to launch successful solutions in the market.

  • Launch of Google Play and App Store

After testing the language learning mobile application, it is time to finally launch the language learning application on different platforms as per the specific platform guidelines.

Factors to consider in Language Learning Mobile Apps

In the language learning mobile application, it is important to consider different factors that allow us to meet the latest market trends.

  • Multiple Language Support

In the language learning mobile application development process, make sure that your mobile application should support multilingual languages. In this users can translate the application as per their native languages that allows to exclude communication barriers.

  • Security

Security is the major concern that developers can’t miss. They should focus on the latest techniques and technologies that secure the platform and reduce the chances of leaking any information in aspect of user’s personal info or matter that is published on the application.

  • User Interface

Designing plays an important role in the app development process. In the process to create a language learning mobile app, designers should highly focus on integrating animations, opt for the latest colour combination, and 3D visuals. Designers should keep themselves up to date with the market trends and deliver easy-to-navigate designs.

  • API Integration

Developers can leverage the full potential of the third party API integration services. They should add different functionalities via API’s and make the application more advanced. With API, developers can save a huge amount of time and effort in the development process. Moreover, it boosts the launching process.

  • Payment Gateway

Language learning mobile application coders should integrate secure payment gateways. Users can easily pay the bills for the courses and other required services. App developers can integrate the custom wallets and third party payment platforms that allow them to pay bills easily and seamlessly.

How Learning Language Apps Help in Making Money?

Investing in Language learning application allows you to increase profits. It offers you to unlock the several possibilities to offer services and acquire maximum profitability with less investing value.

  • Sell your Courses

One of the primary ways to earn revenue from language learning mobile apps is by selling your courses online. Making videos and running your online series can allow you to share knowledge and can charge specific fees for it. Moreover, Tutors can also conduct several webinars and learning sessions for the students in which they can provide special tips and tricks that make your business unique.

  • Subscription fees

The subscription premium models are another way to earn money. In this you can offer users to get access for the premium activities such as browning videos, quizzes and much more. It can be for a particular period of time.

  • Google Adsense

Promote different business and products via Google adsense. It is easy to make money. Once your application is popular google allows you to promote different services that ensures to gain the maximum visibility that helps you to generate revenue.

Cost of Language Learning Mobile App

There is not an approximate cost for a language learning mobile application. It varies from project to project requirements. The language learning mobile app for Android and iOS depends on several factors that includes your development model, integrated functionalities, and specific device compatibility. So, create your plan and partner with a language learning mobile app development company where they can discuss project requirements and provide you estimate codes.

Technologies to use in Language mobile app

It is important for the developers to opt for the latest technologies that allow them to leverage the technological advancements. Along with this, keep up to date with the frameworks. These technologies are use:

  • Mobile SDK – ios and Android
  • SMS, Voice, and phone verification – Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notifications – Firebase, One Signal, Twilio,
  • Payment Gateway – Stripe, Braintree & PayPal, E-wallets
  • Datastax – for data management
  • GWT – for powerful programming
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Cassandra, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google
  • Debian – The universal operating system
  • Mandrill – for everything related to the emails
  • Streaming Media System – Helix Universal Server, Wowza streaming engine, Nimble Streamer


Language learning mobile applications are in high demand. It is a new way to add on the skills and exclude the geographical barriers. In this blog, we have provided you the way how to make a language learning app with its major benefits as well as how to create money from it. If you are also planning to invest in the learning language app, make sure to create your plan and be clear with your business objectives.

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