Best Tesla Apps For Android and iOS in 2023

Does the Tesla brand need any introduction? No, it has grabbed a lot of attention from the car owners. Tesla is a popular brand name and designs electric vehicles as well as battery storage. Tesla mobile applications are gaining attention. In this blog, let’s discuss the best Tesla apps for Android and iOS in 2023.

Best Tesla Apps For Android and iOS in 2023


It is the official app of Tesla that supports both Android and iOS platforms. Tessie punchline is it is for you Tesla. It has many functionalities and helps car owners to manage their cars. This is listed in the best app for Tesla owners.

Features that Tessie App has:

  • It is easy to use 
  • Provides driving history and analytics 
  • Have an ability to measure battery health and its consumption 
  • Offers charging history and analytics. 
  • Developers have secure data with encryption. 
  • No. of Downloads – 50k + 
  • Provides a short and safe route to the drivers to reach their destination. 
  • Automatic gear support 

iOS: Tessie — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: Tessie — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


Plugshare is considered among the best Tesla apps. It is a community of electric car drivers that allows sharing all the related details and information. The Plugshare best Tesla app is known as EV charging station map.

Allows car owners to find the charging station easily and Tesla drivers use to send pictures of the updated charging station via this app. On this app, there is a community of 600+ drivers that makes the connection easy. They can easily share their reviews with images and add value to the service.

Plugshare offers reviews of 100+ charging point stations across the world.

iOS: Plugshare — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: Plugshare — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


TezLab is one of the free options to monitor the performance of your Tesla vehicle. Among the best Tesla apps, this offers different types of functionalities that makes it unique in market competition that leads to best apps for Tesla owners.

Different functionalities that TezLab offers –

  • Tracking car efficiency 
  • Total Trip miles 
  • Locking and unlocking of the car via tapping on app
  • Provides charging details 
  • Supports both Android and iOS 
  • Easy to use 
  • Interactive dashboard 
  • Offers Real-time insights 
  • Based on the automation process 
  • iOS rating – 4.8 out of 5 Stars 
  • Android rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars

iOS: TezLab — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: TezLab — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


Teslarati is considered the best Tesla apps that ensures a spot to find, explore, share,  connect, and discuss all about Tesla. It is a reliable source of news of Tesla and known as best Tesla iOS apps as well as Tesla Android app users are used to it due to its advanced functionalities.

Yes, this app gives all the information about Tesla related, it is a brand and the owners are curious to know about the electric vehicles as well as all the information they want to acquire for Tesla. Along with this, they also want to know the future of the Tesla company along with the strategies. 

It is one of the main aims that provides all the details and information about the Tesla community. Henceforth, it allows us to connect and communicate with the users.

Things to know –

  • Strong community of 50 thousand users,
  • Enable to share news locations 
  • Learn all about Model 3, Model S, Model X and other Tesla models
  • Stay informed of the latest Tesla-related news, reviews and rumours.

Discover Tesla Supercharger and destination charging sites in the vicinity and, based on the experiences of other Tesla owners, discover eateries, hotspots and exciting activities around these charging sites. 

Connect with other Tesla owners by tracking their experiences and receiving notifications when new comments and locations become available.

iOS: Teslarati — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: Teslarati — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


With its simple yet comprehensive design, TeslaFi is a popular choice among Tesla users and considered as the best Tesla apps. This fantastic iOS tesla app and Android allows drivers to get the most out of their rides with its range of details, from battery usage to weather conditions and elevation.

Furthermore, TeslaFi works like a logbook to keep track of your vehicle’s most essential data, including door status, estimated range, temperature, and miles driven.

Features to know about TeslaFi-

  • Supports multiple models 
  • Users can browse in multiple regions 
  • Cloud Storage 
  • Developers update this app on constant basis
  • Provides full support 
  • Charger Tracking 
  • Allow to view charging summary to drivers 
  • Users can view the calendar and set their priorities 
  • International support – users can sign in from other countries also
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa
  • Offers full security 

iOS: TeslaFi — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: TeslaFi — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store

Turo App

Turo, the world’s biggest peer-to-peer car sharing platform, allows you to book any vehicle you desire in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or Australia. You can choose a car that suits your taste and the occasion, no matter if you are flying in from another place or simply seeking something down the road.

Guests have the opportunity to drive the perfect car while hosts can capitalize on their opportunities to establish a flexible, scalable, and accessible car-sharing business. Supports Android and iOS that makes the Turo app the best Tesla apps.

iOS: Turo — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: Turo — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


Waze has been a reliable and convenient choice for car owners looking for an app to provide traffic updates for years. Tesla Android apps and iOS are great options for Tesla drivers who want to stay safe on the road, since it offers accurate and up-to-date real-time reports on traffic conditions.

Additionally, it has various other useful features that make navigation easier, such as the ability to locate parking spots, restaurants, cheap electric or gas station recommendations, turn-by-turn voices, and energy tracking. All of this makes Waze among the best Tesla apps for drivers looking to stay safe and efficient on the roads without getting stuck in traffic.

iOS: Waze — For your Tesla on the Apple App Store

Android: Waze — For your Tesla on the Google Play Store


These are the best Tesla apps for the owners that we have listed out. These are custom apps that are designed with different functionalities. If you also want to launch your custom app like Tesla, then it is important to plan your requirements in an appropriate manner.

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