11 Features Must Have in Customer Grocery App: 2023

Last two years were tough which have the changed the course of history and also the way in which companies used to conduct their business operation. In the light of outbreak of pandemic, customers have become more tech savvy. They have turned to the virtual world to fulfill their needs. And grocery is no exception.

The Market Highlights of On-Demand Food Delivery Market Across The Globe

The online food delivery industry has seen a dramatic surge in revenue. As per statista, online food delivery segment revenue is expected to reach to USD 13,988 million by the end of 2022.

According to a report by appscrip, the online grocery market will be valued at 133.8 billion USD by the year 2024.

And by the end of 2026, the online food delivery market will reach to USD 21,955 million.


The incremental trends suggest the flourishing and bright future of the on-demand apps.

The whooping number has changed the paradigm of mobile app development services. The online grocery sector in the present time has become a promising industry for businesses.

Grocery Delivery Mobile Application- Customer Panel Features

Though there are many panels that a grocery delivery app contains, today we will discuss one of the important panels, and it is the Customer Panel in the Grocery Delivery App.

Let us move ahead and discuss the features and benefits of advanced grocery delivery app features.

1. Easy to Register and Login

A good on-demand grocery delivery app is compact with the feature of an easy to register and login facility. The easy to register and login facility enable users to get into the app by simply putting their email id of mobile number. An OPT gets generated. Users enter the OTP and start ordering their essential grocery items. The OTP based login has resolved the problem of forget password. There is another easy to login and it goes through social media account. Users can enter in the app with the help of the social login option.

2. Offer Zone

This is an important feature of the customer panel of the online grocery delivery mobile application. In this section of the grocery mobile app, a user can avail of all the offers and discounts, listed in the app. Users can easily select the offer, enter promo codes, apply checkout discounts, and do other things through the offer zone feature in the grocery apps.

3. Easy to find a grocery store

Build your feature-packed online grocery delivery app solutions by including the checking local grocery stores feature. Through this feature, a user of the app can easily search the nearest grocery store. A customer can also learn the feedback about the grocery store like timely delivery, quality of products, pricing, refunds, etc. On the basis of all these and other factors, users can easily find grocery stores as per their preferences.

4. Category filter

Among the top 10 grocery delivery mobile app features, category selection is a pivotal one. Once the users get into the app after login, they can easily search the desired grocery by applying the preferred category of filter.

It will be easy for a customer to choose a desired category of products and start making purchases.

5. Advance search & sorting

The customer panel of an on-demand grocery delivery app must have an advanced search and sorting feature. This feature enables users to find their desired grocery items and desired grocery stores as per their preferences.

The easy and advanced search option in the grocery delivery application will come in handy for the customers. The advance search option generates a smart list which makes it easier for the customers to select the grocery items and the grocery vendors.

6. Add to cart

If we are talking about the innovative features of Grocery delivery mobile applications, then having this feature is a mandate. This pivotal feature of the grocery delivery app enables users to order from different vendors and different online grocery stores.

Suppose, if the same product is available at two stores and at one store the product is a bit pocket-friendly, then in such case, ordering the product from a later store can be possible for the users.

 A customer is not bound to order groceries from one store only. Through add to cart features in the customer panel of the grocery mobile app, a customer can select groceries from different places, and place the order accordingly.

7. Schedule order delivery

In this fast pacing life, having everything ordered in prior is the necessity of the people. The scheduling order delivery feature of the online grocery delivery app allows consumers to schedule grocery orders in advance. 

Through a scheduled order delivery feature, the consumers can leverage fresh and on-time delivery of groceries without compromising with the time and quality.

Ask your enterprise grocery delivery mobile app development company to build this feature for you. Your customers will love this feature.

8. Payment mode

Facilitate your users as much as possible. Allow grocery customers to pay via the choice of their payment mode. When you hire any top online grocery supermarket app development company in India, request its team of mobile app developers to include multiple payment modes.

Allow your users to pay via credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, UPI, etc. This feature will smoothen the payment process.

Make sure the online payment modes are highly secure, encrypted, and safe. It will bolster customer trust and loyalty for your app.

9. Order tracking

Give your customers every reason to believe you. And with an Order tracking system, you can strengthen this trust factor. The order tracking feature in the customer panel of the on-demand grocery delivery mobile application enables consumers to get real-time updates of the whereabouts of the products.

Through the order tracking system, a user can easily track the progress of an order from the dispatch to the delivery of products at their doorsteps.

10. Customer feedback: Review & Rating

This feature includes all the relevant feedback as well as the ratings, which previous consumers have given about their shopping experience.

This feature will also allow users to give reviews and ratings on the purchase which they have made recently or in the recent past.

The review and ratings are a vital feature from the point of view of users as it will facilitate future users and also the existing ones to check the review of the older customers and make an informed decision while purchasing.

11. Push Notification

Keeping your users updated with recent updates, seasonal offers, and other essential changes, in real-time is the perfect way for stronger customer relationships.

The push notification features enable customers to know about the upcoming offers on the app. The on-time delivery message can also be sent through push notification.

The push notification feature in the online grocery delivery app offers relevant and personalized content to the consumers at the suitable time.

The Advanced Functionalities of an On-Demand Customer Grocery Application

Voice Technology

Typing has become old school now. People are more relying on the voice search. Integration of the voice technology into the grocery app will streamline the shopping experience of the users.

Grocery shopping through voice command is quite faster and much easier task. The voice technology is surging. According to a report the voice commerce will rise to USD 40 billion in the US and $5 billion in UK by the end of 2022.

In-App Chat/Calling

The trend of integrating in-app chat and calling option is loved by consumers across the globe. As a customer centric app feature, the in-app chat and calling enable users to connect with the support team 24/7 in case of any query or doubts.

Users can click on the chat box option or call button in their app and get their query sorted. It builds trust and reliability among users.

Backed by the integration of powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the chat feature will give a complete human experience to users.

Smart Search

Make user experience as pleasing as possible for your customers, it is the key to a successful app. And by offering smart search option, you can achieve this goal.

Features like smart cart suggestions, improved personalized recommendations, and repeat purchases suggestions will ladder up the profitability of business sales.

Nutrition Section

Personalization is essential for every app. It builds strong customer relationship and customer trust. As a customer grocery app, you can also offer nutrition selection help to your customers while they are purchasing any grocery items.

Offer them nutritional diet plan based on their health parameters. Include different sections based on nutrition such as health blogs, exquisite recopies, health based questionnaire, videos, etc.

All such personalization will help your business harness greater customer experience.

Build custom on-demand grocery delivery apps – The Conclusion

Having innovative features Grocery delivery mobile application is must in the present time. Any business owner who is planning to invest in this domain must understand that their ultimate target is customers and if they are happy, then your app is a success.

To build custom On-demand grocery delivery apps, having an experienced and enterprise-level grocery delivery mobile app development company is pivotal. 

We hope the features discussed here prove helpful to you. These above-mentioned benefits of advanced grocery delivery app features are just a few but enough to help you make an insightful decision.

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