10 Features That You Must Have in Your Fitness Tracking App: 2023

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. – Winston Churchill

Here, we can agree with Winston Churchill. Ever since the covid pandemic has come into existence, maintaining social distancing has become important. In such a scenario, fitness tracking apps are playing a vital part in our lives.

Guide to 10 Promising Features for Your Fitness Tracking App:

In the play store full of myriad fitness applications, what makes the app download-worthy? You will find the answer to this question in the lines below. So, keep scrolling down to know more. 😊

1. Geolocation is a must

This striking feature grabs the eyeballs of a fitness fanatic at the drop of a hat. It enables a sports nut to monitor the progress towards fitness goals. It helps in calculating the area covered in running, or sprinting, etc for a disciplined fitness regime.

2. Gamification must be included in the app

Ever since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, there are more gym bunnies around the globe. This has led to mushrooming in fitness app development by different entrepreneurs. One of the promising features that a user need is a gamification. People are drawn towards multifarious rewards they get while achieving workout targets.

3. Easy to sync with different trendy gadgets

Wearable technology is the neoteric trend in today’s date. Therefore, it is crucial to consider syncing fitness applications with an assorted range of thrilling wearables. The app needs to be compatible with striking devices so that people can check the activities on the go.

4. Sleep tracker

As Dalai Lama says, “Sleep is the best meditation,” it is vital to have sound sleep to function properly in the current scenario of the fast life. Fitness app development must include a feature of sleep tracking. It enables the user to keep a tab on the sleeping cycle.

5. Check oxygen rate

The covid pandemic has inculcated a habit of monitoring oxygen levels among people worldwide. Looking at this condition, fitness app development syncs the calculation of oxygen levels in the fitness app. The feature helps people to keep a tab on their oxygen levels by sitting anywhere.

6. Push notification is important

This feature will help the users to get a message popped on their smartphone screen for the next exercise/workout hour. In fast life, people skip their routine workout sessions. In such conditions, this feature is like music to the ears of a health enthusiast. This is the reason you must hire fitness app developers from India having a knack for creating notification system in the app.

7. Online consultancy feature

The online consultation feature attracts health enthusiasts towards a fitness app instantly. Whenever someone starts a fitness regimen, they may get doubts regarding which exercise to start with at a nascent stage, etc. By using this feature, users can chat with trainers in real-time.

8. Monitoring of the heart

In the current covid conditions, it is crucial to keep your heart healthy. This is the reason fitness custom mobile app development companies focus on integrating the feature that enables users to check their heart rate on the go.

9. Altimeter integration

Termed as an altitude meter, this striking feature helps a fitness fanatic to know the results of jogging, sprinting, or other physical exercises. Users can keep a tab on the difference in altitude before and after climbing the stairs.

10. Food and water tracker

It is important to stay properly hydrated but people forget to drink enough water because of tight schedules. This feature will remind users when to have another glass of water, etc. Food tracker helps the app users to keep a tab on extra calories consumed and, in this way, users will keep cutting down the additional calories they consume in a day.

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